Whissendine C.E.Primary School, Rutland Day 2

| January 31, 2010 | 2 Comments 

Well! What an emotional and thoroughly immersive pair of days at Whissendine C.E.Primary School.

To work alongside a group of children, and their teachers, who are up for challenges and creativity in a big way is a real joy. When those people are under the microscope, an inspection breathing down upon them, and they still buzzz, fly and excel themselves… that is a priviledge!

I cannot tell you how they did in the inspection of course, except to say that, all of this close-knit and supportive community, have the right to be VERY proud of their continued efforts.

Well done, to headteacher, Rob Gooding, and his “TEAM”.

We spent a day working alongside members of every year group, and then a second day building on increasing creativity and imagination with the Year Six children. We are returning to the school over the next couple of months, to extend these opportunities even further, in a project supported by Creative Partnerships.

The aim, is to explore child led challenges.

The class now have their own “imaginary” village, “Tottleville”, inhabited by an interesting bunch of characters. These characters are played by each class member. At first, when asked about that character, the children might have related their “age”, job and a couple of other pieces of factual information. We wanted to breathe life in to those “people”, to make them “real”, and have their own distinct personality.

After the first day’s thought provoking challenge, of bringing a “virtual” world in to reality through the power of words, we provoked discussion of how we could apply those skills and techniques, and what would give individuality to a being.

To find out about just one of the activities we did, read Wordles of Character.

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  1. Caroline says:

    Great session, very interesting ideas. Really like the software ideas especially Myst. Can’t wait to use it in class to inspire the kids.

  2. Diane says:

    Inspiring!arrived home after staff meeting with tim, little boy now in bed and I have been tapping away at my laptop now for the last 2 hours looking over the notes and at the websites.So many ideas…..need to focus myself and try out 1 or 2 at a time, but where to start as excited by so much. Thankyou!

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