Great Casterton & Empingham Primary Schools, Rutland

| February 4, 2010 | 3 Comments 

Today we spent a very special day with the pupils and teachers of Great Casterton Primary School and Empingham Primary School . Two small schools that are federated with one head teacher, Clare Rowbotham, and one governing body. The sites are 3 1/2  miles apart, with 72 pupils on role at one site and just 42 at the other.

The day started with the 18 Year 3 and Year 4 pupils, who were joined by nearly as many observing teachers, from the neighbouring schools, and they were up for all the challenges that brings.

After play we were joined by the Year 1’s and 2’s and again, just 21 of them and nearly as many teachers!

Scaring stuff, but the resilience of children never ceases to surprise us. These children took off and flew with their imagination, creativity and inventiveness.

A very big “Well Done” to one particular Year 1 lad who was ‘up for a challenge’, taking part in a balanced argument about whether to go back down the ‘plant’ or not. He most certainly won the case and we enjoyed the ride back down.

One of my favourite (ever) quotes that cropped up in this session was that the bird “might have been hiding from his creditors”. 😉

At lunchtime the Y6 pupils took the opportunity to record a quick interview for the their Radiowaves projects.

The children, who operated the equipment, and posed some probing questions, were consummate professionals.

We will put a link up here when it “goes live”.

The afternoon, and we had a truly fun afternoon with the Year 5 and Y6 pupils and even more visiting teachers.

We were also joined by Matt Drakard, of Education

We then finished this trip to Rutland, with a last twilight session with colleagues from all of the schools. We look forward to our next voyage through the world of digital wonders in Rutland, in March.

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  1. Matt Drakard says:

    Thank you for the invite Tim, it was inspirational to see you and Sarah at work.

    You beautifully illustrated to me how lively engagement can be delivered within the classroom, whilst still delivering on your clear learning objectives.

    The children thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and clearly rose to the thought provoking challenges you posed them.

    I am sure that Rutland is looking forward to your return!

  2. Tim Whallett says:

    Dear Tim,

    You’re definately a bit of a wizard, helping children to think and write creatively; You even have have a wizard’s stick-‘Mr. Walker’!

    Great to see you in action within the classroom!

    Thanks Tim.

    Tim W.

  3. Sarah B says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah for an enjoyable session and all the smiley photos. The children were clearly engaged and have risen to your challenge of ‘holding those thoughts.’
    Although the ‘creditor’ has needed a little reminding!!

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