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Day Two at Cadoxton Primary School, an INSET day working with the teachers and staff of Cadoxton, joined by 19 delegtes from 12 visiting schools: Gwenfo Primary, Romilly Primary,  Eagleswell Primary, Gladstone Primary, Lakeside Primary, High Street Primary, Fairwater Primary, Ninian Park Primary, Llanfair Primary  and Palmerston Primary.


Debbie Forse, literacy co-ordinator at Cadoxton, was kind enough to record these thoughts on the last two days:

I had heard Tim speak about raising the standards in Literacy last December. I enjoyed the day and found that the end came all too quickly. As a result we invited Tim to school to work with our children, to put it in Tim’s own words we asked him if he ‘was up for a challenge!’

I teach in a school where a substantial number of children have special needs of one sort or another. Many of the boys, in particular, are reluctant to write. What would they make of a whole afternoon?

I needn’t have worried; Tim’s charismatic personality soon won them over. Once the initial ice was broken, I have never seen the class more enthusiastic.

His approach involves encouraging all children to have a go. His use of ICT as a stimulus helps draw the more reluctant pupils in.

The most powerful image for me, was of the children stumbling over each other in their eagerness to read out what they had written, with our least able and most challenging pupils leading the charge.

I saw children confidently reading out their thoughts, children who normally would not put pen to paper, let alone read it aloud, for fear of damaging their “street cred!”

When I saw the blog pictures the next day I was amazed. There, in pride of place, on his own, was a boy from my class, book in front of him, pencil in hand, scribbling down his thoughts, as quickly as he could. This should be standard, you ask. No, this was the boy who, when asked to put pen to paper, would use every avoidance tactic known to man!

Tim’s teaching approach and style won over the children, his concepts are so much more than merely using ‘computer games’.

With the flexibility of the current curriculum, I will certainly be advocating this methodology in the future, looking forward to a raising of standards, AND having even more fun!

Deb Forse

Cadoxton Primary School.

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  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for a brilliant day !!
    So much to take in and try.
    It’s a long time since I have been on a course that has been so inspirational with something really NEW to offer.
    I can’t wait to get started.

  2. Chris says:

    Thank you for a brilliant day !!
    So much to take in and have a go at. It’s a long time since I have been on a course that has been so inspirational with something NEW on the agenda.
    I can’t wait to get started.

  3. Val Barrow says:

    Just a quick note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed what was a truly inspirational day. I learnt a great deal and left with my head packed and spinning with wonderful ideas for teaching. I can’t wait to experiment with all of the techniques and resources I have learnt and discovered today.

    Thank you both very much and hope to see you again.

  4. Sarah McKee says:

    Thank you for two brilliant days. Watching many of my generally reluctant year one pupils become so animated and eager to share their thoughts and ideas was inspirational! I look foward to putting your ideas into practice.

    Thank you both.

  5. Sarah Cason says:

    Thankyou for filling my head with such a wealth of ideas and inspiration today. I really am a ‘margaret’ when it comes to I.T. but have just spent the last two hours playing ‘myst’ and dabbling with ‘wordle’. There really is a whole new world out there that needs more exploration!
    Many thanks to you both.

  6. Ceri-Ann Clark says:

    What a fantastic two days. Truly inspirational! My head is buzzing with ideas and I can’t wait to get back ito my classroom to try some of these out. Thank you!

  7. blog says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Laughter is how we will remember today.
    Loud laughter. Free, valuing, generous laughter.
    Keep up your energy and enthusiasm. You are making magic happen.
    T and S

  8. Peter Thompson says:

    I was not only amazed by the writing which many of our less able boys were inspired to write, but also by their enthusiasm to take part and willingness to share their ideas. I have been reminded of what education was like before the National Curriculum – exciting and interesting for both teachers and pupils.

  9. Penny says:

    Thanks for a brilliantly inspiring day! As a visitor from Llansannor Primary, I feel lucky to have been able to attend. Can’t wait to try Myst in my class!

  10. REENA says:

    Thank you both for such a fantastic day! The best INSET I have ever had!! Learnt so much and can’t wait to put it into practice at school. All these ideas are still buzzing around in my head, thank goodness for your help sheet 😉

  11. Sam Secker says:

    I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the day, so much laughter! I left with a great eagerness to try out so many of the fantastic ideas. Thank you!

  12. Rowena Hughes says:

    Magical, Awesome, Inspirational !!
    What more can I say!!
    Thank you Tim and Sarah

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