Creative ICT in Teaching Conference, Darlington

| March 3, 2010 | 5 Comments 

A very enjoyable day in Carmel RC College Darlington, leading their “Creative ICT in Teaching Conference”.

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of the use of gaming, Web2.0 technologies, and the associated teaching techniques, that will engage learners through ICT. There was a main focus on English and literacy, but with transferable skills to other subjects.

We spent the day with students from Carmel College , teachers, teaching assistants and trainee teachers from Local authority and partnership schools, secondary and primary.

The day cracked off with an exploration of one of the virtual environments we enjoy spending time in. So many teaching and learning experiences occur during these sessions and we recorded the thoughts of the “observing” teachers, using Wallwisher. I say observing, but, in reality, those teachers are mucking in, scribing, modelling, and taking part in a shared learning journey.

Wallwisher is a great way for adults, and students, to record thoughts, comments, suggestions, in a collaborative way. It enables people, wherever they are, to add to a virtual pinboard, to add post-it notes to a shared “wall”.

This is something we have used, a lot, on training days, and in a class environment.

It is useful when a group is planning an activity. Elements of the task could be noted as a shared activity. In other words, a teacher, or scribing student, can build up the collection of notes, on a whiteboard, with the whole class chipping in with their ideas.

This “wall” can then be left open and students having access to it. During the execution of the task, sections can be “claimed”, and acted upon. Post-it notes can be moved to another section of the wall as it moves to another stage of the process. For example, “to do” to “done”.

Wallwisher can also be powerful when reviewing the same task. How did it go? What aspects did we not address? What have we learned since starting?

The teachers today recorded their thoughts on what they encountered in the lessons.

Thank you to Mike Shorten, from Carmel College, for organising today’s event, and thank you to all of the staff for the fun we had on our journey.

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  1. Thanks for the demonstration lesson & examples of resources given, plenty to take away back to school and share/discuss with colleagues. The use of Myst for developing creative writing is an excellent resource that I’m looking forward to trying out sometime!

  2. Joanne says:

    Great course. The best I’ve ever been on. Really useful stuff. Thank you!

    Tim is a legend!

  3. Paddy Duffy says:

    Really enjoyed today and was gutted that I had to leave early for football training. Some excellent ideas, some excellent concepts and some links to really useful stuff!

    Thanks again – I will be spreading the word.

    Gan canny Tim

  4. Andrea says:


  5. Stephen Downing says:

    Tim, just thought I’d post and thank you again. I recently delivered a training session in school showcasing much of what I’d seen during this training session. I think the session was well received and I’m looking forward to seeing how people use the ideas in new and interesting ways.

    Once again many thanks for a thoroughly productive and inspiring CPD session!

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