The Nurturing Narrative Special Schools Event, Kent, Day 1

| March 9, 2010 | 10 Comments 

Day 1 of the Nurturing Narrative Special Schools Event, at the East Malling Conference Centre, in Kent. The aim: give staff confidence to integrate technology, and engage students with mixed levels of language, communication and literacy needs.

This event is designed to look at “inspirational ways of motivating students who have significant variations in their levels of communication, behaviour and learning needs bring together colleagues from a broad range of settings: Warmstone PRU, Harbour School, Foxwood School, St Anthony’s School, YMCA Yr 10/11 Centre, Challenger Centre, Phoenix Centre, Ifield School, Grange Park, Stone Bay School and Valence School.

The focus is on uniting digital technologies and teaching skills for use with KS2, KS3, KS4 and post 16 students, who will benefit from developing narrative skills, such as communicating a sequence of events, as a future life skill.

A joy to spend time with staff from such a broad range of settings. These folk are really up for challenges, and for finding different ways to integrate technologies, of many kinds, in to their teaching.

Some of the elements we covered can be used by students in many environments, or they can be useful for staff when they are preparing resources, or when they are interacting with each other.

Thank you to Sarah Lloyd-Cocks, Sheryl Bunyard and Rachel Keen for organising the conference today. We are looking forward to working alongside the sudents at Stone Bay school tomorrow.

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  1. James Marriott says:


    What a great day; so much to take in but presented in an excellent manner, and catered to all abilities. I have a new folder of favourites to go home and play with for the next few weeks, and implement into my lessons from here on in.

    Thanks again

    James Marriott
    ICT KS3/4 Teacher Ifield School

  2. Alistair Hammond says:

    Just wanted to state how empowering and useful the day was-could have done with lots more of the afternoon session! Found it really really cool and I will now take this back to my school in the form of an interactive powerpoint, taking what I have learned and showcasing it in the same form……..hopefully!
    Putting the fun back into ICT, a truly motivating day-once again, thanks!

  3. Liann Hogg says:

    Just brilliant!

    Have come away buzzing with so many ideas and great resources. Tim was truly dynamic and inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Can’t wait to put it all into practice.

    Thank you for reminding me what it should all be about.

  4. Elizabeth Stevens says:

    What a fantastic day – packed with useful tips and ideas for enthusing staff and students. I am so glad I was able to come in place of my colleague. Her loss was very much my gain. I hope to introduce some of the new techniques soon. Thank you

  5. sarah Allen says:

    Today was really helpful…thank you! Tim you are very inspiring

  6. Rachel says:

    We are so pleased to have brought some of Tim’s magic to specialist school settings and we know from talking to staff that they fully intend to try out new ICT means wth their students. A special day.

  7. Sheryl Bunyard says:

    Wow! A great day Tim with lots of ideas and things to try using ICT to support the teaching of students with a range of needs.

    Really excited about the day at Stone Bay School. Can’t wait to use the Myst games with the students!

  8. A very positive day’s training, which clearly had an affect on all involved.
    As someone who steers clear of computer games I found the possibilities presented by Myst extremely interesting – I was certainly drawn into solving the problems myself!
    The afternoon session was very useful, and I am now armed with a long list of fantastic and previously unexplored website resources.
    Many thanks.

  9. Sarah Allen says:

    This training was really helpful. Tim you are very inspiring!

  10. Sheryl Bunyard says:

    Day 2 of the Nurturing Narrative event at Stone Bay School was fantastic! The students were outstanding in every way and were so inspired by Tim and the Myst software. It was a day truly packed full of wonderful moments where student communication and interaction was nurtured and celebrated.
    Thanks Tim and Sarah – a day to remember!

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