BSF Leadership Programme Conference, Harrogate Day 2

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Day Two of the National College Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Leadership Programme Phase Three, at The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, and we are providing the afternoon Keynote, focusing on the learning, harnessing technologies and adapability.

During the morning sessions we attended John Davitt’s Workshop “Old learning new tools” – an exploration of what is known about learning, where ICT fits in the process and how it can be used to ensure students are active learners with a variety of media and activitiy types in a Web 2.0 connected world. An informative and enjoyable session with challenges and humour, and learning.
John noted that when he did a Twitter search for “shopping” and “learning”, shopping outstripped learning 3 to 1.

John raised an interesting question: why are the best online tools, and feedback systems, reserved for online shopping. How useful it would be to get the feedback responses we get from Amazon, and other virtual shops, in our learning environments.

John’s site, Newtools, has some more of John’s unique reflections on learning.

John organised his whole presentation using his new resource, Learning Score.

Learning Score  is a multimedia lesson-planning and delivery tool that uses a music score metaphor to show the range of planned activities for a lesson as a graphical timeline. The software also allows you to embed the resources you will use (pdf documents, videos, audio, web sites) in the visual plan itself. Whole lessons can be saved with all their resources and annotations for later use and sharing.

Learning Score was invented by John and “grew out of a desire to provide teachers and learners with modern, flexible, technology-friendly and pedagogically rigorous approach to lesson planning suitable for the 21st-century classroom”.

John’s Learning Event Generator prompted one table to explain knitting as a Common Craft explanation.
Our table rose to its challenge of creating a ‘Periodic Table as a 30 second sound file’, and we were really proud of it!

A keypoint he made being “Good teaching is active learning and valuable feedback”.
Thank you, John.

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  1. Helen Gatenby says:

    Although I have seen Tim present several times once again an inspiration. As a colleague facilitator commented ‘it makes me want to be back working with children’. I will continue to promote Tim’s site and ways of working to engage children.

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