Bannockburn Primary School, Greenwich: Day 2

| March 16, 2010 | 1 Comment 

Today, we had the opportunity to put what we had covered yesterday… in to action.

Well done, to all the staff, and pupils, at Banockburn, for some wonderous wanderings in the world of words!

Thank you to a few observing visitors, for their comments about some of the elements they found captivating:

  • How the resources used were not JUST visual. They became “real”, smelly, tactile and believable.
  • We found ourselves exploring all 5 senses without making it obvious we were doing so
  • All pupils were given encouragement and opportunitiesĀ to build in some way. Whether it was social etiquette elements, writing, choice of learning style, extension out of comfort zones or more, they were “Up for a challenge!”
  • There was no “Right idea”. Even better, there was no “WRONG IDEA”. All efforts and contributions were rewarded.
  • Keeping children in suspense, likeĀ rattling the gates at the beginning of a horse race, meant that, when they were set free to record their thoughts and ideas, they were off and running.
  • High levels of engagement were translated in to rewarding experiences. It was more than just enjoyment; they applied that involvement and acheived a lot throughout the sessions.
  • And, in the words of one teacher, “It got ME thinking, flying, writing, dreaming and believing. I NEED to know what is round that corner, even if the children never get to find out!”

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  1. Katy Ellis says:

    Thank you Tim for an amazing 2 days. Yesterday we were all captivated and today the children were.

    So many of my boys LOVED the animations and were inspired to write from them. I can’t wait to bring it back into my own classroom where I can be that person to motivate and inspire the children to be creative.

    Many thanks again.

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