Using ICT Creatively in Literacy Conference, Devon

| March 19, 2010 | 26 Comments 

Down to Devon, at the Sandy Park Conference Centre, Exeter, for the last event in a huge three week “tour”.

Today, we had the joy of working alongside a real Joy. 

Joy Simpson, is Literacy Consultant for Devon, and is someone we keep nicking ideas from gathering inspiration and thoughts from already. Joy writes and contributes to the  superb blog from the Devon Literacy team. Literacy Resources and Ideas does what it says on the tin, because it keeps bubbling along with articles and links to great…well… resources and …um… ideas.

Joy is another fan of Twitter (@joysimpson) and it was fun to direct delegates towards the powerful CPD and connections that Twittering can provide.

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  1. David Kay says:

    I thought it was an excellent day and that you were fantastic on Strictly Come Dancing.

  2. Joy Simpson says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful day both of you. There were loads of ways to inspire children to write and great ideas for us as teachers too!
    What I took away from the day were strategies for developing our use of visual literacy and talk for writing.
    I am really looking forward to schools sharing with us what they have been trying out.
    There were many comments on the evaluations along the lines of ‘this is the best course I have ever been on’ and that came from the great ideas and wonderful ways that you both had of sharing them with us.
    Have a great weekend and long live sparkly, gold leotards.

  3. Kev says:

    Woo hoo! First post!

    As the ‘Myst’ (see what I did there) descends on a truly inspiring day I would like to thank Tim and Sarah for their fabulous ideas that promise to enthuse both teacher and students alike. The useful websites and tips have given me far more than any course I have attended due to their focused application and tangible targets.

    I have also been sufficiently inspired to book my very first safari in the hope of finding the elusive canaryhipp…. rhinogiraf…. animal that Tim was talking about.

  4. Elly says:

    What an inspirational day Tim and Sarah!
    It occurred to me that we as teachers spend all our time giving children ‘outside’ experiences of text then we try to bring their ‘insides’ outside and into their writing. Looking at Myst today showed a really powerful way of getting ‘inside’ there with them to develop their imagination and their experiences…..taking time to stop and stare ‘inside’. Then the writing should just burst out of them.
    Felt sick on the roller coaster though!

  5. Penny says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah,

    Thank you for the game you gave my mum. She is playing it with me now and is going to use it in her classroom too. I am amazed that her photo is on your blog. She is wearing a stripy blue top.

    We found the utube roller coaster ride to music from blur.

    I think it is better than the music mummy did today because her instrument was broken. I think her children will all want to write about the game. All schools should have a wii!

    Mummy helped me with my spelling
    Leo (6)

  6. Penny says:

    we mean stripey!

  7. Chris Briggs says:

    Philosophy for Children, anyone?

    Yes, today was one of the finest courses in the land you could find for developing visual literacy and for looking at creative ways of developing and embedding talk for writing. But it was more than that, it was about an approach. Whether Tim uses Myst or not, whether he used the wide range of internet resources or left all those up his magician like sleeves. The approach is where the real lessons are to be learnt. “Inspire” through wonder, questioning and giving children the time they need to formulate. Teacher as facilitator of learning and thinking, teacher as the lead learner, true child initiated creativity, fostering a real but not over manipulated atmosphere of success, opportunity and open exploration of the 21st century world. I hope people noticed his mention of philosophy for children throughout the day. This is clearly critical to the effective use of and impact the techniques discussed will have on the impact on learning. Without this approach, the questioning, open ended development of discussion, fostering true thought pathways through facilitating discussion, the impact of using such software would surely be diminished.

    If we are to move learning forward in the next 20 years, we may not be using Myst XXII, but we will be using the principles by which this unbelievably talented teacher/learner has clearly hung his hat on. Tim embodies what teaching will become. No, I’m not just talking about using computers more. Of course, we can use the plethora of useful tools with which we are now armed, but in the long run, it’s the philosophy with which Tim went about using the tools that are the good stuff. That’s where the real impact is. The more opportunities we find to take our place among our children, together on their learning journey, the more impact the activities such as Tim suggests will have. As time goes on, technology will change, but the principles by which Tim clearly teaches will run true, develop, and be more critical to education in the ever evolving 21st century classroom. Tim, thanks for a great day – I haven’t felt this good since I went on a roller coaster ride in a mystical world…

  8. Ruth says:

    Having such fun Wordle-ing with my 13 year old son. He actually stopped shooting people on the Wii in the living room and came to join me. Has he really just printed out a wordle to go on his bedroom door?!! You know you have encountered inspirational teaching when you come away and don’t just think, “that was good” but actually do something in response to it. Thank you for a great day. Off to investigate Gadwin..

  9. Helen says:

    What a great day – thanks Tim and Sarah! Since getting home I have spent the last 4 hours playing with all the web ideas you gave us and have managed to invent some fabulous new zoo animals, vist the Colosseum in Rome, view many thousands of images of guinea pigs on a planet in space as well as trying out some new Power point ideas.

  10. Louise says:

    Fantastic day – packed with brilliant ideas; lots of resources to use instantly and many more for limitless development. A great introduction to the power of virtual journeys but even more importantly the inspiration to make literacy an exciting shared journey in the real world. Thank you.

  11. Janine Cook says:

    A fantastic day with lots and lots to think about, left Exeter with a sore head throbbing with truely inspirational ideas that i’m bursting to share with staff at Ashleigh Primary. Hopefully your busy schedule will have a slot free so that you can come and share your amazing ideas and get our boys (and girls) producing fantastic writing from some wonderful ICT resources. Many thanks Tim and Sarah, a great way to finish a very busy Spring Term.

  12. Michae says:

    Teaching and learning changing! An impressive tour of subject knowledge. Inspirational delivery. What a joy to see personality back and making waves.
    Isn’t difference great.

    Thank you.

    PS Number 4 is stunning but I may end up dreaming about green lizards and funny coloured rocks. (Avoided the posh name just in case!)

  13. Joanna says:

    A local teacher is facing questionning today, after the literacy levels of the children in her class plummeted to an all time low. When asked about her poor results she explained that they were a result of her recent attendance at a literacy conference, presented by Tim Rylands, which aimed to show teachers how to inspire children in literacy through the use of ICT. Having been given a taster of ‘MYST III: Exile’ during the day, it seemed that the teacher was so inspired, she began to explore the mystical lands of the game for herself. Prone to getting a little carried away, said teacher has spent most of her time playing the damn thing ever since and has run out of time to prepare her lessons properly for the next few weeks! Not to worry…she’s finally made it to the next Age and is feeling a little smug! She promised her headteacher that normal teaching patterns would resume in due course.

    I had a great day – the first conference I have attended where my biscuit detection radar did not kick in due to boredom. Thank you Tim, for reigniting my belief that computers really are worth the occasional blue error screen!

  14. Gareth says:

    As a newly appointed ‘bird expert’ I feel fully qualified to continue to play Myst and use it in my classroom. If I am able to give my children a fraction of the inspiration that I felt from listening to Tim and Sarah, then I go home feeling I have done well.

    Thank you both for a fantastic day, full of great ideas and practical ways of using them.

    Thanks also to Joy for having the vision to organise for you to come down.

    Now where’s my planning folder!

  15. jane says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for making something so normally out of my sphere seem a natural way to go- I really enjoyed the whole day, and can’t wait to see the children in our school inspired to write through exploring Myst like those we saw in the pics. Also all the links to great IT tools and websites were invaluable. In the meantime I need to find those walk throughs….bit stuck…..

  16. Jasmine says:

    Great day really enjoyed it and learnt sooooooo much. I am still stuck in that lift!
    Can’t wait to use the many free resources on line!

  17. Sandra says:

    After a tough week, I was feeling LOw on Friday, but I am BEHOLDen to Tim and Sarah for such a wonderful day! (If I could get my firewall to allow me to use Wordle, I am convinced that the comments posted since Friday would return INSPIRATIONAL in an extremely large font!)
    Thanks so much both of you, and to Joy for arranging the day!

  18. judy says:

    We have started our Myst adventure today.”Can’t wait for tomorrow”they said-neither can I!A great inspiration-we are already buzzing to write!

  19. Judy says:

    We have started our Myst adventure today. “Can’t wait for tomorrow”they said-neither can I!A great inspiration-we are already buzzing to write!

  20. jenny hooper says:

    What a fantastic day – so inspiring. Thank you Tim and Sarah for all the excellent ideas – can’t wait to try them out in school.

  21. lehussey says:

    Brilliant and inspirational day! I’ve introduced my class to Myst this week (after a weekend of exploring it with my 9 yr old son).
    My class is a full KS2 one, high percentage boys and SEN and boys writing for pleasure is high on SIP this yr – this course answered my prayers! The children loved it – they have produced some fantastic ideas (in my interactive powerpoint with gadwin screen shots – thanks Sarah) and when I was out of school today they were begging the supply if they could do some more of the ‘desert’ work.

    Thank you!

  22. Gareth says:

    Have just been looking through the slideshow of photos of the day and was thinking a caption competetion would be a good way forward, as in “Have I got news for you”.

  23. angela says:

    I never knew that my orienteering skills would be an asset when playing a computer game….
    Wonderful ideas and resources, superb presentational style, memorable characters (Yes, you, Mr Walker!) and just enough jokes to ‘refresh’me throughout the day – and now I too can write in Polish!!
    Very many thanks to Tim and Sarah. Joy, how on earth are we going to follow that next year?

  24. Thank you, all of you, for responding on the blog. It’s been a delight reading your posts, which show the range of ideas that have been inspired by the day. We have even seen one piece of writing that was produced using Myst!

    Chris Briggs…we will be sending a copy of Myst IV to you by post!

  25. Joy Simpson says:

    Get us started then Gareth!

  26. Gareth says:

    Well Joy, you asked for it! The first one is with you and another lady (forgive me, I don’t know her name) holding your arms in the air …

    Other Lady “On the rollercoaster, I would definitely say that the right arm is better…”
    Joy “No, that really tight bend was to the left, the g-force means that if you put your left arm up you get the greatest thrill, although how they make it so realistic is a complete MYSTery!”

    Sorry not very good. Just suggested the idea, didn’t own up to being able to write a very funny one!

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