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Games Based Learning Conference at The Brewery Conference Centre in the Barbican and, oh, what fun we had! We looked at challenge based learning and the power of the games making process.

For some video of the event…

We were joined by two children from Whissendine CE Primary School, Rutland, and two children from Nightingale Primary, Redbridge, who were certainly up for a challenge: to design and make a platform game, using 2Simple’s 2DIY; design and print the box cover and the CD artwork… all in 20 minutes, on stage, in front of an audience, whilst “Mr Rylands waffled on”!

We also bemused a few people by throwing two HUGE orange footballs in to the audience. We looked at the idea that playing could be just playing, until a challenge is introduced. At least there were no breakages!

Ewan McIntosh, Followed after us and really covered some of the key points too: the importance of the social aspects of gaming and game design, and their impact on learning.

The challenges we all faced, whilst stretching the technologies, should not take away from, but rather, reinforce the message that it is more about what is “said and communicated” rather than the tools used to say it.
The four children made a game on a subject pulled from some random envelopes. The subject turned out to be “Olympics”.

If you have a few moments to try out 2DIY, try this Video Game Name Generator for a laugh. Mind you it does come up with some surreal choices, things like Bizarre Crystal Annihilation, Mighty Goth Voyage, Flamboyant Bazooka Academy, Amphibious Bongo at the Olympics, and some even more bizarre titles.

We showed the game that the children at Whissendine have made with us during our “residency” there, as part of a Creative Partnerships project.

The game used PowerPoint as its frame, and included a virtual tour of the school, encountering mini games, challenges, the opportunity to write, solve problems and crack a crime.

Here are the two “Powerful PowerPoint” tips I mentioned.

Thanks to @deerwood for putting up the first part of the presentation (below):

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  1. Dughall says:

    Great to read about and see what I only had the opportunity to follow on Twitter. What an excellent session, Tim! Looking forward to Bmoble, Bradford in May.

  2. ebd35 says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  3. Tim,
    As you know I have been a professional magician for … a long time. I have performed around the world. So I have a question for you. Wow! Amazing! How did you do that? I can’t wait until I have the opportunity to see you live … without the aid of any trick photography. As they say. “What you are about to see is exactly what you would see if you were here with us at the Brewery Conference Center.” When are you coming across the pond?

  4. blog says:

    As you may have noticed, at no time did my hands ever leave the ends of my wrists.

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