Daventry Town Cluster, Northamptonshire

| April 1, 2010 | 5 Comments 

Today we are at the Staverton Park Hotel, in Daventry and have had the pleasure to work with the teachers from the Daventry Town Cluster Schools : Danetre (Secondary), William Parker (Secondary), Ashby Fields Primary, The Grange Primary (with Designated Special Provision), Falconers Hill Junior, Falconers Hill Infants, Southbrook Junior, Southbrook Infants, The Abbey Junior and St James Infants.

Thanks to Gail Everett, Co-ordinator – Daventry Town Cluster Groupclerk, for co-ordinating the event so efficiently.

A delight to spend some time with folk who were up for a laugh today, and what a lovely way to end a massively busy few months for us.
We are going to have an element of Analogue April. But, smiles and laughter, mixed with challenge and creativity are a great way to head off in to the Easter break. 🙂

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  1. Bev Watson says:

    A good day with Tim & cluster at Staverton. ‘Myst’ has left me in a ‘fog’ of confusion so gave it to 13 year old son, who of course has more or less completed it in the time it’s taken me to look at the walkthroughs. How do they do it?

  2. Verity Clark says:

    Can’t actually remember where I was meant to post the comment, however, I had a FAB time on Friday and found the course very useful. I have a few boys (and girls!)who will be inspired by the ICT that I will now dip into from my teaching pocket.Constructive crit…During the day it would have been benefical (for me) to clarify/detail how exactly to use Myst-perhaps by example lesson plans. However, I am sure that your site will have so I will scour for useful tips! V.x

  3. Beverley again says:

    Myst has taken over my life. I’ve got 2 laptops going at once, one to run the programme and the other to show the walkthrough so that I don’t throw the entire thing out of the window. Son has found other things to amuse so has left me stranded in Myst-ville and I’m DETERMINED to beat the damn thing before we go back to school so that I can try using it with the kids (feel a University course developing, Falconer’s Hillers!). My house is undusted, my planning is unplanned, my iron has not seen the light of day for a fortnight and my family are starving (partly cos not allowed to cook in new kitchen in case they make a mess).
    Is there a cure?

  4. Kevin Marriott (Bird expert) says:

    Fantastic day, we took a lot from it. Splendid venue, brill food & cracking entertainment. What more could you ask for, to round off the term.

  5. Caroline Colledge (The Grange) says:

    We had a fantastic day and were totally inspired. Our Year 6 had a play today… they were absolutely hooked and screamed at me when we had to stop for play time! Most impressive part – the boys and SEN were the most engaged! Thank you Tim and Co for a great day… look forward to exploring some more. Our school is planning to spend a writing week later this term on MYST – can’t wait 🙂

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