An attempt at an (almost) Analogue April

| April 17, 2010 | 0 Comments 

Well… here’s irony:

Nudging in to “Analogue April”, just to analyse how “Analogue April” is going so far. 🙂

The last couple of years we have had a go at an “Analogue August“; minimising our on-line time and using our laptops as little as possible. A Back to Basics Back-up perhaps.

It has proven to be very healthy, reminding what the real world has to offer. Nothing noble, just a bit of a summer switch off.

Analogue August normally coincides with a holiday break, and is (fairly) manageable to have a go at.

An “Analogue April” is slightly more of a challenge, partly because we are still working! Again, it’s nothing gloriously righteous. Just an attempt at a kind of Digital Detox (as somebody else called it).

There have been some exceptions to a “totally tangible time”. E-mails could be called an essential these days rather than an exception. We have also had things like a few Skype calls and did look up the time of Doctor Who on the online Radio Times just now!

It is proving quite difficult to ween ourselves off the addiction to Twittering, blogging, Stumbling, YouBook, FaceTube and Surfing etc. “Digilerium Tremens” set in every now and then.

Thanks to all those who have a giggled with us through snail-mail-like pauses, putting up patiently as we plod along with a pencil and paper approach.

Now looking forward to… our “Magically Manic Mechanical May”. 🙂

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