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| May 29, 2010 | 0 Comments 

O.K. So you have done your run, or been on that school trip, and you have seen how far you travelled and at what pace, AND even the heights you scaled, using RunKeeper.

Now. How about adding some more detail to your route record.

There are many “make your own map” sites, (esp. GoogleMap making elements) and I will point you to a few more over the next months, but, to begin with, I’d like to tell you about one we have been experimenting and using MKMap.

(No, this is not a layout of the roundabouts and grid network of Milton Keynes! That’s something completely different and you can find it HERE.)

Not sure as to whether it is the best but it has been fun trying it out, in an educational context, here and there. Continue Reading

Some more thoughts on the process…

| May 26, 2010 | 1 Comment 

We’re Jade and Sam, teachers at Ealdham Primary School, and we had the pleasure of spending the day at Bannockburn Primary School with Tim and Sarah, and know that we learned even more about Myst, and other techniques, and their power to engage children.

We have been using some of the ideas already, and now want to take it even further.

What we’ve learnt from our sessions so far:

Setting up

• Ensure that you’ve played the game before you introduce it to the children.
• We found it useful to plan some key vocabulary and focus questions before each session.
Although, the sessions are very much child led so be prepared to abandon at any time!
• Create an atmosphere; lighting, sound etc before the children come in.
• At the beginning we gave the children special writing journals and pens for use in the club.
• The children need to feel safe within the group to be able to take risks with their writing and talking.
So you need to be enthusiastic and excited and bring this to the sessions. Continue Reading

Durham ICT To Inspire project: Finchale Primary School

| May 25, 2010 | 6 Comments 

The second half of the Durham ICT To Inspire project, sparked off, at Finchale Primary School, Durham, with visiting teachers from Kelloe Primary, King Street Primary, Langley Moor Primary, Rosa Street Primary and Sedgefield Primary.

What a bubbling bunch of children and teachers! Everyone was up for a challenge. We wandered in the world of words in three different settings, exploring the power of picking ideas up, and juggling with them. Continue Reading

Durham ICT To Inspire project: Framwellgate Moor Primary School

| May 24, 2010 | 7 Comments 

Stunning, beautiful sunny days here in Durham and we had the pleasure of spending two full days at Framwellgate Moor Primary School. Friday, for a day of demonstration lessons with the pupils from Year 1 – Year 5, and 20+ visiting teachers from schools in the Durham area, then today a training day with the teachers from: Pittington Primary School, Langley Park Primary School, St Thomas More RCVA Primary School, Cleves Cross Primary School and St Joseph’s RCVA Primary School (Gilesgate, Durham) Continue Reading


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Citrify is a browser-based photo editor, that lets you pretty up your headshot by removing blemishes, erasing wrinkles and whitening teeth.

It also lets you add effects to pictures — for example, you can Obamify your picture based on Shepard Fairey’s widespread red and blue image.

Simple, but useful, perhaps because of its simplicity.

bMobLe Conference 2010, Bradford

| May 20, 2010 | 4 Comments 

We have been looking forward to today’s bMobLe event for a while. Not least because of the delicious curry anticipated this evening. The conference takes place at  The Abundant Life Centre, in Bradford.

The acronym bMobLe stands for the “Bradford Mobile Learning” network. bMobLe was set up in Autumn 2008 by Alan Beecham (Education Bradford), James Langley (Education Bradford) and Phil McLear (Challenge CLC). The network was inspired after attending the Handheld Learning Conference in London on an annual basis. Continue Reading

Leeds Wii Project – Calverley Parkside Primary

| May 19, 2010 | 2 Comments 

Now this is what I call fun!! We had the great priviledge to work alongside some really keen, energetic, enthusiastic and able colleagues, from schools across Leeds, setting off on a project based around creative use of Wii games.

Imagine that… getting to spend all day playing Wii games and pretending we were doing something professional, and educationally effective! 🙂

Well, actually, it was one of the most educationally exciting days I have ever enjoyed. Continue Reading

Hawksworth Wood Primary – Leeds

| May 18, 2010 | 4 Comments 

A fun follow-on from yesterday’s training: a day of explorations, in the world of words, with children from Hawksworth Wood Primary

One comment was: “There was description, motivation, hot seating, writing, reading, and more, all in one session… every child found their work valued and shared… just look at the standard of writing that some of our often more reluctant children produced!” Continue Reading

Stimulating Writing through ICT – Education Leeds

| May 17, 2010 | 4 Comments 

Back in Leeds with Colin Davies, of the Leeds support team, at The Bodington Hall, Leeds, for the second event in the ICT to Inspire series.

Today, we were joined by colleagues from Allerton Bywater Primary, Bramley Primary, Blenheim Primary School, Hawksworth Wood Primary, Ireland Wood Primary, Little London Community Primary and Wykebeck Primary.

It is always fun to do a training day with staff from a variety of schools. It gives us, and them, a real chance to put some of the interactive technologies in to place, both during, and after, the event. Continue Reading


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MultiColr is a very simple but powerful little search tool, that enables you to hunt for images that feature a specific colour, or range of colours.

When preparing posters, presentations, websites or blog pages, it can be handy to stick to a colour theme. Multicolr means you can  search for images with one, two or more colours.

The more you add a colour to the search, the more prominent it will be in the outcomes. (Remember to check for copyright issues before using).

Jenner Park Primary, Barry, South Wales

| May 10, 2010 | 1 Comment 

Thank you to headteacher Stewart Davies, his colleagues and pupils, for a really fun day, at Jenner Park Primary, Barry, South Wales. Continue Reading