Leading Learning in a Digital Age Conference – Royal Festival Hall, London

| May 6, 2010 | 2 Comments 

Today we are at the Royal Festival Hall in London,  invited by The VT Group, to deliver a keynote at their Leading Learning in a Digital Age Conference.

This event is part of an ongoing series of 6 intensive half day Leadership conferences for School headteachers, aspiring deputies and education leaders in Local Authorities.The conference is described as “not a lecture, but an intimate conference” for those who take leadership seriously and want to debate and discus their role in the school.

We looked at how games such as MS Flight Simulator, Wild earth African Safari, the games in the Myst series, and other, can stimulate immersive experiences that motivate and inspire children of all ages and abilities.

Some of the resources, online or otherwise, included: Wordle, Google earth/street view, Switchzoo, WordSift, TagGalaxy, Runkeeper, Stickybits, Bambuser, Qik, Kodu, Blogging, 2DIY, Skype, EtherPad, Primary Pad,/Scribblar, VoiceThread, Garageband, Crazy Talk, embedded text, Wallwisher, Twitter.. and many more.

The Royal Festival Hall is a great venue, with increible views, through The London Eye, across The Thames, to The Houses of Parliament. So, an apt setting on election day. It is possiblethat the building is as quiet as can be, because everyone is scrabbling away, back in their constituencies, hoping for that last minute support.

Thank you to Natalie Bacon, conference organiser, and her team. You get my vote. 🙂

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  1. Janise Marillat says:

    What a great way to start the day! The ideas came thick and fast and I wanted a computer with me at the break to check this blog – my itouch could not access WIFI – not free at this venue – a barrier to learning!!!!!!!!!
    Many thanks, am fully invigorated.

  2. John McLear says:

    Thanks for the mention Tim 🙂

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