Jenner Park Primary, Barry, South Wales

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Thank you to headteacher Stewart Davies, his colleagues and pupils, for a really fun day, at Jenner Park Primary, Barry, South Wales.

Laura Sullivan  from Gladstone Primary in Barry, joined us today, following two of her colleagues having attended the sessions we did at Cadaxton Primary, back in February. She kindly shared her thoughts and observations on today’s lessons:

I wanted to see first hand how to use stimuli to enhance children’s writing and ways to engage reluctant writers to put pen to paper.  It has encouraged me to think about using senses when story writing (look, feel hear etc).  It has got me thinking about how to create a sense of awe and wonder; how this could be translated into children’s writing and how to create a sense of mystery and suspense to encourage that writing.

Some of the many techniques and approaches used were:

– Fun hand gestures – these remind children to use these elements in their writing (simile spotting competition)
– The challenge of only using 2 words – gets the children thinking about what they want to say and avoid umm-ing and err-ing
-When reading work – don’t choose a person to read out what they have written, children just begin to read
-Not just looking at pictures, but the sounds heard by the children
-Thinking about all the senses and how these made you think and feel using Myst III
-Drama to enhance points being made – e.g. conversation between gardener and lady in garden, how did the children move up the plant (dancing madly – children demonstrated)
– 5 w’s (who, what, why, when, how)
– Important to begin writing by talking – OK to use others ideas, just add something to it, polish it up…
– Sentence starters –Standing here looking across…
– Celebrating work – seated ovations
– Introducing argumentative vocabulary–why do you want to stay here?  Why shall we go back down the plant?

The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  This was evident in their responses to the challenges. The pupils engaged at a high level. Some were surprised at what they had achieved at the end, and were eager to share their writing with the rest of the group.  Year 1 and 2 were able to draw pictures and were able to explain in detail what they thought was at the top of the plant.  Their ideas were fantastic and very innovative (I especially liked the rocket packs to get to the top).

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  1. Julie De La Bastide says:

    Thanks for a great day Tim. I joined in with the year 1/2 session and the children were highly motivated by you. They all left the hall ‘buzzing’ and wanting to continue with the ideas developed during the session. The staff also found it very enjoyable and productive 🙂

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