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| May 17, 2010 | 4 Comments 

Back in Leeds with Colin Davies, of the Leeds support team, at The Bodington Hall, Leeds, for the second event in the ICT to Inspire series.

Today, we were joined by colleagues from Allerton Bywater Primary, Bramley Primary, Blenheim Primary School, Hawksworth Wood Primary, Ireland Wood Primary, Little London Community Primary and Wykebeck Primary.

It is always fun to do a training day with staff from a variety of schools. It gives us, and them, a real chance to put some of the interactive technologies in to place, both during, and after, the event.

Tomorrow at we are at Hawksworth Wood Primary doing some lessons with children across the age range, so that staff from today can see “it in action” ut also become invloved and muck in with an exploration of the power of virtual worlds.

Thank you to  Chris Dyson, Deputy Head Hawksworth Wood Primary School, for recording his thoughts on today:A welcoming start to the day with mystical, powerful music creating a sense of awe and wonder, the impact of the visual screen made everyone eagerly awaiting the beginning of the session. Tim inspired with his introduction of Mr Walker – involving all the people to interact with suggestions of ‘why was it full of holes?’ It immediately brought interaction and communication within us.

As people began to become more creative, questions such as , ‘what was my daughter’s name?’ ensured  everyone was on their toes…

The journey then began ….. ‘what is that smell? Where is it coming from?’ We were taken to a mystery place, where was it? How did we get there? And indeed, what was that smell? Could you see the dragon? Then came the ‘wow’ factor, as the screen turned 360 degrees, the amazement as new stimuli came into view, bringing new questions to ask and new solutions to find. Running commentaries were given by people as the journey continued. What could you smell now? What sounds could you here? Tim keeping the session full of interaction, introduced a character – you could really see this being used in a real life class situation. The character answered questions, but wait! A translator then appeared translating the answers so all could understand! Brilliant, videos were made and uploaded as we interacted.

The reason why this was so successful was the time given to explore the software, to save the work to maximise the effect for the children in the classroom……. lot’s of ideas were shared.

A highly motivational, enthusiastic morning session, expertly delivered in a really honest way was had by all…..

The afternoon saw us shown how to ‘tweet’, ‘wordle’ and how to use ‘gadwin’  – to ensure the children are empowered to write stimulating pieces.

The blog was shared and the zipped file was like walking into an Aladdin’s cave. Lots of resources, lots of free downloads and ‘walkabouts’ to help solve the Quest.

There was lots of opportunities to do, to try and to experiment with everything we had been shown. The answers and demonstrations was there to ensure any problems could be trouble-shot straight away…. Roll on tomorrow when the theory is put into practice!

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  1. Caroline says:

    What a wonderful course! We are very inspired and excited to get back to school – just what you want from a course! Thank you x

  2. blog says:

    Not a problem. Thank you for your involvement today too. 🙂

  3. Sam says:

    Hurray!! Lots of smiling excited teachers, desperate to get back into the classroom..!! This day should be compulsory for all primary staff 🙂

  4. David Wheat says:

    After a day of playing and exploring it was time to see Tim in action! And what a performer. Totally insperational! The children hang of every word and quip. Some fantastic ideas to try when back in class!! No hands up anyone?

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