Hawksworth Wood Primary – Leeds

| May 18, 2010 | 4 Comments 

A fun follow-on from yesterday’s training: a day of explorations, in the world of words, with children from Hawksworth Wood Primary

One comment was: “There was description, motivation, hot seating, writing, reading, and more, all in one session… every child found their work valued and shared… just look at the standard of writing that some of our often more reluctant children produced!” 


Thank you all for a thoroughly enjoyable time. Keep up your superb enthusiasm.

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  1. Chris Dyson says:

    A smiling child is not a mischievous child…. but a child who is inspired to learn.

  2. Donata says:

    Dear Tim, thanks for visiting us yesterday. I have found some feedback from the children in Y6, this is what they have said….

    DANIEL – I felt really happy because you said that my work ‘wasn’t good…. it was fantastic and touched your heart.’
    MARIO – It was supercalifagulisticexpialadocious (better to spell it incorrect than just to say ‘good’)because Tim transformed boring Literacy into an amazing lesson. I love the photographs.
    ALI – Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, my eyes were as big as an elephant because I was so inspired. I couldn’t have asked for a better lesson.
    NIKITA – Wow what a time, Tim was ace to get our imagination going.
    DIVINE – I felt heart warming, the lesson was super because of his charisma.
    COURTNEY – I felt happy and it was impressive.
    AMINA – I really felt amazed. Expression kept all eyes on Tim. Everyone enjoyed it.
    RUBY (Derek)- what a lesson, it was fantastic! My imagination is full of ideas, like everyone elses. Now thats what I call the best lesson ever.
    Zak – it was brilliant because you broke the ice with your jokes.
    DONATA – Well I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, it was like having Harry Hill teach us… in a Roald Dahl way…. we now have to begin our journey.
    Thank you

  3. blog says:

    Thank you, Donata, for your kind idea to forward these comments.
    Sarah and I really enjoyed our day in your school, and working with your class.
    Keep up the great work
    All the best

  4. sheldon says:

    I had lots of fun with you i liked when you lirnd us lirecy and when you made us lath wen you was silly

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