Durham ICT To Inspire project: Framwellgate Moor Primary School

| May 24, 2010 | 7 Comments 

Stunning, beautiful sunny days here in Durham and we had the pleasure of spending two full days at Framwellgate Moor Primary School. Friday, for a day of demonstration lessons with the pupils from Year 1 – Year 5, and 20+ visiting teachers from schools in the Durham area, then today a training day with the teachers from: Pittington Primary School, Langley Park Primary School, St Thomas More RCVA Primary School, Cleves Cross Primary School and St Joseph’s RCVA Primary School (Gilesgate, Durham)

Year 3 / Year 4 Lesson

Year 1 / Year 2 Lesson

Year 5

Today, working alongside the staff from the collection of schools, we looked at, “almost TOO many”, other ways of creating engaging learning experiences.We used Wallwisher to record some of the thoughts on the Friday sessions. We investigated many other Web2.0 technologies. Many of them can be found on the link off last Thursday’s post at the bMobLe conference.

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  1. Katy says:

    Lots of really useful ideas to use in the classroom – Thanks! When are you coming to our school?

  2. Martin Gray says:

    A thoroughly useful and relevant training experience. Will go away from the last couple of days invigorated with a whole set of new ideas. Thanks!

  3. Christine Brentnall says:

    Really enjoyed both training days. Picked up some great ideas watching you teach. Particularly liked the ‘corking a bottle’ idea; now feel like I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start. Have just shown my husband the tag gallery – we both think it is fantastic! Thanks for 2 great days!

  4. Janine says:

    An inspiring 2 days training – I was surprised at how much more there is to do/use develop to make fab lessons- thank you!

  5. Joni White says:

    In a word – inspiring!!! Thank you so much for two days of fabulous cross-curricula ICT that I can use and show others immediately. Simple ideas that will make a big impact on pupils. I’m off to unlock the ‘locked’ area before I get lost in the realms of Myst! J :o)

  6. Emma Jones says:

    Thankyou for all the fantastic ideas. I can’t wait to get stuck into MYST and Crazy Talk!

  7. Debra Wright says:

    Two really informative and enjoyable days. Loved ‘The Cup’ and ‘The Thinking Dice’. Tim demonstrated new, simple and inspiring ways to get the best out of the children…and for teachers to enjoy the process along the way!
    Th726nkkkkkkkzzyyyorrrruuuL(Thank you!) – don’t worry about the pseillgn!!


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