Parklands Primary, Northampton: Day 1

| June 7, 2010 | 5 Comments 

Today, we had the pleasure of spending the day with the staff at Parklands Primary, Northampton. Also joining us were their neighbouring colleagues from Sunnyside Primary and Woodvale Primary.

Parklands have started to explore the power of Voicethread. Above, is just a glimpse in to some of the thoughts recorded using this interactive medium.

They have also used their VLE (Virtual Learning Environment, or LP- learning platform) to communicate about next steps, their impressions of the lands they have visited, and share the solutions to problems encountered. The children shared ideas, and communicated with their teacher, in order to progress through the adventure.

After looking at some of the ideas already used by the school, today, we introduced the staff at the school to a whole range of ways to encourage interaction, collaboration, and tools that help children WANT to write, and polish up their end results, even more.

2Simple’s “2Create A Superstory“, is a powerful ways to create branching, and even animated, multimedia stories. It helps to inspire children’s writing through the use of versatile, and intuitive, tools and templates.

What we love about 2CASS, is that the interface is easy to master, and the end results are truly engaging. Children can easily:

  • Incorporate text, drawings, imported images, sound and object animation.
  • Bring characters to life with the use of lip sync.
  • Compile simple time lines to map story elements.
  • Use the magical Augmented Reality template to see your drawings move both on and off screen.
  • Save your stories as SWF Flash files so they can be shared online and embedded within your Learning Platform.

There are some examples of Superstories HERE.

We are going to look at a few more branching ideas over the next few weeks.

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  1. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for a fun day. I now have another load of websites to explore and work out how to use them. Hopefully tomorrow will be as inspiring as today. I bet that the pupils won’t be as good as we were on the Roller Coaster!
    Thanks again.

  2. Chris says:

    You might find this a useful site to use…

  3. carol says:

    Thanks Tim for 2 interesting days, not least the opportunity to conduct a rollercoaster! There was a bit of a lack of FS/ KS1 materials (or examples of your ideas in use in this age range) but I’m still mulling over possibilities of adapting 1 or 2 ideas for use in Reception.Interesting that you are able to take time as a group to develop ideas when as teachers we are pilloried by the inspectors for keeping children on the carpet too long! a case of the confidence to say stuff it I’ll do it my way I suppose.

  4. blog says:

    Thanks for your comment Carol. I am glad you found the days useful. I would heartily agree with you that we didn’t get the chance to get over enough of the FS/KS1 ideas. If you take a look back through the “Useful and Interesting” category on the blog, you will find a whole load that could be… Useful and Interesting. 🙂
    Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. All the best. Tim and Sarah

  5. Tim
    Just to say hello my friend and thanks for the lovely write up of 2CASS.

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