Smithills School, Bolton: Day 2

| June 16, 2010 | 12 Comments 

Another, thoroughly enjoyable, day at Smithills School, in Bolton.

This time, we had the chance to work with some key staff in the morning, investigating the power of many different online Web2.0 technologies. Wow!

We tried out a whole plethora of tools, at great speed, but they were up for it. It is always a joy to find that staff, from all departments across the school, are able to see how they can apply some of these resources to have an impact on their lessons.

The day continued with a superb two hour lesson with an enthusiastic bunch of Year 8 students.

Ben Branwell, Assistant Headteacher, kindly shared here his reflections on the two days:
The two days at Smithills have been a rip-roaring success. Although I had heard Tim speak at the BSF conference in Harrogate, these sessions took the ideas to a whole new level. A number of things struck me. Firstly, even in such a short space of time the outcomes of the sessions were remarkable. From low ability students producing good quality descriptive writing that they were proud of and wanted to show off to 10 staff who were all so impressed with a training session that they all posted on this blog, the results showed clear progress. Secondly, although Tim’s work is marketed as “Using ICT to inspire”, it struck me how little ICT was mentioned. I mean that in a good way. We used a plethora of tools, games and applications yet neither the staff nor the students talked about them. They talked about learning or teaching. Surely that is the biggest compliment of all. ICT encouraged us to talk about and engage in learning rather than being distracted by technology. Thirdly, all the ICT was easy, free and exciting! Staff came away thinking, “I could do that with this lesson….”, or “If we tweaked that powerpoint to include this the students would love it.” I am now a convert and will following Tim on Twitter and may even join him in tweeting. Tweeting. Now there is a word I never thought I would use.

We explored the world of words and then prepared for a hasty exit, projector screen, projector, sound system, thinking dice, laptops and all, for our speedy trip to Ambleside for the event this evening. WATCH THIS SPACE. 🙂

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  1. mrs Black says:

    A really useful morning, who knew powerpoint could be so great!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Some excellent ideas and websites that I will definatley use and have a play with. Thankyou.

  3. Seemab says:

    Brilliant! So many useful resources that I had never come across and will definitely be using. Thank you so much, lesson planning will now be even more exciting!

  4. Christine says:

    Really useful list of websites and ideas. Really like the PowerPoint suggestion to make all the department presentations interactive!! A job for the summer!!!

  5. Nancy Ainsworth says:

    Very useful, it has given me some great ideas to create resources for the school’s VLE.

  6. Ben Bramwell says:

    Definitely going to use the multi-modal elements of powerpoint – especially to revamp existing powerpoints.

    Also loved wallwisher and primarypad!

  7. Mike Gadd says:

    Really useful morning; loads of resources that I can use in the classroom-I’m going to use Wallwisher now with my Year 11 revision class! Sarah’s PowerPoint tips were amazing. Thanks a lot.

  8. Mr Hussain says:

    Fantastic and really useful links to a whole host of resources and tools. I will certainly be using Gadwin as it is far better than using print screen. Also I will be hoping to use multi-modal presentations.
    Thank you very much – you’ve just made my day!

  9. A really enjoyable and informative 2 days. So many ideas that we can use in our Essential Skills department. From the 1st day I have added Street map to a lesson plan on different faiths in Bolton – an interactive faith trail. Learning how to use powerpoint in a more useful and interactive way will definitely improve the learning of our pupils. So many more ideas, will keep you posted.


  10. Damien Pacer says:

    Really good session with alot of ideas that could be used cross curricula.I Enjoyed the website and software demonstration and hope to use and pass on all the ideas on to fellow collegues in the school.


  11. Aygoscopic says:

    You really should tweet Ben! It is a great way of sharing ideas and picking up new ones to use in school!

  12. Mr Parvez says:

    Who knew it could be so interesting beautiful beautiful. Mr Hussain is a great teacher and obviously so am I.

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