Darran Park Primary, Rhondda

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Back in the Welsh valleys, at the end of a great week. It was a while back when today’s event was arranged with Darran Park Primary, here in Mid Glamorgan. The beginning of this project was a memorable event at Rhondda Heritage Park back in November 2009. It has been a joy to be involved with these schools over this extended time.

James Protheroe, one of the teacher at Darran Park who attended the training day, very kindly recorded some of his journey so far using the ideas explored that day:

I’m James Protheroe and I teach a Year 6 class at Darran Park Primary. I was first introduced to Myst on a training day with Tim about a year ago. I was aware that my children had been finding creative writing quite challenging, especially descriptive writing. After seeing Myst being used with a group of adults and the fun we had, I was keen to try it with my class.
I started asking my children to write a piece of descriptive writing using just photos. The following week we repeated the task but using the opening scenes from Myst 3. There was no comparison and what was even better was the children were so enthused and felt a real sense of achievement.  Since then I have used Myst as a stimulus for character descriptions, role plays and am hoping to link it with my geography theme next term. I was particularly thrilled with how my reluctant writers responded to it.
I have also used lots of other ideas from the “ICT to Inspire” day we had in November.  The name generator is a particular favourite of the class. I found the day particularly useful because I was aware that we often use ICT but wanted it to be more interactive and to really draw the children in. The ideas from the day were invaluable and I shall continue to visit Tim’s Blog in the future.
Thanks Tim!

Thank you to Pat Omally, and her colleagues, for looking after us so beautifully.

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