Corbets Tey : A Specialist College for Communication and Interaction, Essex

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Now THAT was fun! A true joy to spend some time at the remarkable Corbets Tey School: A Specialist College for Communication and Interaction, Upminster, Essex.

Corbets Tey School is a school for children and young people all of whom have statements detailing particular personal educational needs. The school caters for pupils aged 4 – 16, with learning challenges of one kind or another, including autism, and a number of medical syndromes. It is a member of the school community of the London Borough of Havering.

It is very evident that the governors and staff at the school are firmly committed to the care of the children who attend. Their aim: to enable all pupils to achieve their maximum potential in academic, physical and moral fulfilment so that they may ultimately make their value contribution to society and in preparation for later life.

Corbets Tey School is forward looking, interested only in offering the highest possible standards of learning opportunity for its children and young people.

Corbets Tey is a school where students are valued for their gifts and for their individuality. It embraces the belief that nothing is too good for these children, and that education is not just about the classroom.

We had the absolute pleasure of travelling through the world of words with more than 60 of the Corbets Tey pupils in two separate sessions during the morning, then with their very special staff and governors in the afternoon and after school sessions.

Ofsted commented that: “Corbets Tey is a good school with many outstanding features. The pupils love being there. They feel happy and supported and they make excellent progress in their personal development. Parents are very happy for their children to attend, knowing they will be safe, free from bullying and make good progress. Many parents commented on how their child had ‘flowered’ since joining the school.” (Ofsted June 2006)

A parent recently said of the school: “Corbets Tey has touched the lives of all my family. The caring, understanding and relentless hard work from all the staff has rescued us from a life of torment and frustration. Children who attend this school are truly cared for. Corbets Tey School removed the threat of residential care which hung over us for so long. This school becomes part of your family and I have enormous respect for all those who work here.”

One visionary project that the school has engulfed itself in has been a full blown musical.

Speakout! is a brand new opera written by the students of Corbets Tey School, working with English Touring Opera.

English Touring Opera worked intensively and creatively with Corbets Tey School for nearly 3 years. Speakout! was a tremendously exciting culmination of this work: students created their own opera based on the themes of communication and identity.

We would really like to thank the staff of the school for making today a dramatic event, with props and scenery to add to the environments we visited: a pirate ship, skeletons in cages, a jungle scene, tricorn hats, animal masks and so much more.

Thank you too to Colin Arthey, his colleagues, pupils, governors and friends, for a memorable visit. We look forward to recording some more of what you have been up to.

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  1. Sean Loveday says:

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for a great day! I feel refreshed and my default position reset to find the most motivating way to engage with our students. I took Myst 3 home and explored it that night!

  2. blog says:

    Great to hear that Sean. you played a very enthusiastic yet positively realistic role in yesterday. Thank you. Don’t forget to do other, analogue, things as well as play Exile! 😀 Keep in touch and let us know how your students get on.

  3. Geography Police says:

    Since Upminster is in the London Borough of Havering it cannot possibly be in Essex.

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