Savio Salesian College at South Sefton CLC (+Shape Collage)

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Savio Salesian College (formerly known as Savio Catholic High School or Savio High School) is a Roman Catholic secondary school in Bootle, Merseyside, England. The school is run by priests and was successful, in early 2006, to secure a bid for specialist Business & Enterprise status. The school has about 820 pupils on roll. The headteacher Fr G Briody joined the school in September 2005.

South Sefton City Learning Centre (or SSCLC) is located on the campus of Savio Salesian College, in one of the school’s buildings.
We were joined here today by all the teaching staff from Savio High School and their colleagues from Sefton Impact.

Sefton IMPACT is the KS4 Alternative Curriculum Programme in Sefton. Formed in September 2001 in response to Government intiatives to increase the flexibility and nature of learning opportunities in the region.

For some young people, following the traditional full time academic route in mainstream education does not provide the environment to motivate and engage them in learning. IMPACT is now a nationally recognised model of good practice, involving a combination of full time courses with the emphasis on developing work based emplyability skills alongside high expectations of achievement in core national curriculum subjects.

To work alongside colleagues from every department in Secondary schools, means that, at some point, somebody has to translate and assess how resources can be useful in their particular subject specialism. How powerful, therefore, to hear staff today rising to that challenge and buzz about how they could apply some of the web 2.0 technologies in their lessons. From R.E and Geography teachers and maths specialists, through to food technology teachers is a huge range of interests. Well done all for having the vision to see how some of these things can have an impact in their classroom.

One tool we mentioned was Shape Collage.

hilearning I have been finding Shape Collage particularly useful when creating a lot of new presentations recently.

It give you the power to make really quick collections of related photographs, set out in shapes that fit in to your display, etc

Try drawing a curve at the bottom of the working space, and you get a good footer for a presentation page, for example.

(Normally the images aren’t animated, like the “Hi” example, by the way)

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  1. Pamela and Elizabeth says:

    thank you we have had a fun and enjoyable day. Lots of useful ideas and tools to help with teaching. We hope to use them on our Sefton Coast project with our new year 10s next week. We will keep you updated and if we are good enough will send you some photos.
    Many thanks again

  2. blog says:

    You are MORE than welcome. Thank you for your laughter and involvement all day today. Look forward to hearing how you get on. ATB Tim and Sarah

  3. Sue IMPACT says:

    Good day, great ideas, fun presentation.

    Best Wishes

  4. Jeanette says:

    Really enjoyed today and came away with lots of ideas about how to use the stuff you went through with us in lessons. Have just introduced my nine year old to taggalaxy to help her with her project about Japan. She was amazed. Thanks Tim & Sarah.

  5. Martin says:

    A great day that gave some great ideas. You led the horses to water but it’s up to them whether they’re going to take a drink!! Hopefuly they will.
    Off to play with some of the applications (already used avatars with students to create presenters for their presentations).
    Thanks Tim & Sarah

  6. Chris Dicken says:

    Good to see that you found a use for my Junk Orchestra (Shape Collage). They went down a storm at the Theatre last week.


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