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| July 6, 2010 | 7 Comments 

A flying visit to Dovedale Junior School, in Liverpool. What a lovely bunch. Smiles all round, from teachers, children and visitors alike.

We enjoyed two sessions in the hall with over ninety children each time. This sounds like a vast amount, and it is, but, when you have so many buzzing colleagues, scribing, modelling writing, talking, sharing and generally mucking in, then that group seems to be a small sociable group.

The children responded remarkably well to the challenges we set them. They showed great humour, inventiveness and confidence, whether it was in the verbal jazz or off the cuff writing.

Anna Griffiths and Suzanne Fredson Year 4 Teachers, were kind enough to record their thoughts:

Mysterious! Fabulous! Amazing! Scary! 

Just some of the words used by the children in our school to explain how they feel about MYST. Discovering new routes, observing the scenery and predicting what come next, all adds to the fantasy that is – a journey through the land of MYST. Children feel empowered by the freedom to use their imagination so wildly, and as there is no emphasis on spelling, even the less able children let theirs minds wander freely.

Talking partners, Think Pair Share and numerous other mind friendly learning strategies are incorporated into our MYST sessions, and quite simply – the results are outstanding. The children produce original and detailed writing, which sometimes excels our expectations! Something within the fantasy land draws the children in, and encourages writers of all abilities to describe and explain their feelings. It is a joy to teach, and we look forward to finding out what the next land holds in store for us…and the children of course!

Thank you to head teacher, Nik Smith, his colleagues and pupils for a really fun trip.

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  1. Nik Smith says:

    An inspiring day for all at Dovedale. The enthusiasm and creativity of our children was infectious!
    So many ideas……….thank you.

  2. Chris McDonald says:

    Thanks to Tim and to Dovedale, a truly inspirational session. Really enjoyed myself, thank you!

  3. Andrew McLaren says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day. You have inspired me! Thanks for all the useful websites. My class are in for a real treat.

  4. Biddy Fairclough says:

    Both my children, Spike and Ezra, had a mervellous day. According to Spikes diary entry that evening it was one of his best days ever. Thank you.

  5. Lucy Dunne says:

    Thanks so much to Tim and Sarah for a wonderful day! The children were enthralled with the sessions, as were the teachers, and we learned a lot too. It was great to see how enthusiastic the children were to write and I’m sure this enthuasiasm will continue, particularly when all the fabulous resources Tim showed us are put into use in the classroom! A really inspiring and useful day. Thanks again.

  6. Mike Richardson (Gvnr) says:

    Thanks Tim for making this an effective step forward for the school in writing and in taking time to stand… W H Davies one of my favourite poets would have been gratified to hear the message.

  7. karen diboe says:

    georgia had a great day when she got home she wouldnt stop talking about it

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