An Amazing “Almost Analogue August”

| August 31, 2010 | 6 Comments 

A joyous summer full of variety. And most of it, as we attempt to do each year, was analogue.

A key feature, when we’ve been at home, has been an area we made and which we call “The Sanctuary”. It is a corner that captures the sunlight, at certain times of the day, in an already lovely, and tranquil, garden.

Whilst we were building the Sanctuary, small black and white visitors started constructing a house too. At first we thought they might have been penguins, and maybe even badgers. But, when we had mastered the art of non-digital research, we worked out that they must have been housemartins.

It has been a delight to marvel at the acrobatics of these elegant neighbours, and to watch as the little ones master the courage to take that first leap in to the huge summer skies.

The summer was full of family and friends, travel and stopping. We visited the Sidmouth Folk Festival; welcomed a huge range of people to sample Somerset; and even squeezed in a trip to Kefalonia. Gorgeous!

I have to confess that the “almost” in the title, refers to the fact that we have downloaded a ridiculous amount of good music to wallow in during the summer. (Books on an iPad don’t quite grab us yet, so they were analogue. But, music…) has proven to be a joyous nudge towards new music, much in the same style as Amazon’s “If you like this, you are almost bound to fall for this one too” recommendations.

A few “finds” that haven’t left the iPod/pad include Matt Wertz (particularly the album Everything In Between & the song “The Way I feel”, an infectious track that gets even my clumsy legs dancing!) Joshua Radin, Train, Diane Birch, Justin Nozuka, Matt Nathanson, Schuyler Fisk, The Weepies, Urusen and more. But, for me, the most listened to utterly delicious memory of music 2010 will be three albums by Peter Bradley Adams. Relaxed acoustic-to-lose-yourself-in music.

All in all, we had a fantastic summer, and can recommend a digital detox.

Now onwards-onwards for an event and travel packed year… 🙂

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  1. John McLear says:

    Woop for, I love it 🙂 I managed to have 15 days this hol w/ out any tech and I’m proud of it. It was a great opportunity to ponder some issues. Most didn’t get resolved but so is life! 🙂 Hope you and the Mrs are well!

  2. blog says: is free but has cost me a fortune because of all the great new music I have found. Analogue time is quite hard to acheive but so well worth it eh? Sarah is great. She out read me over the summer but also benefited from our time away in Greece.
    Hope you are well. Just about to demo PrimaryPad here in Hounslow

  3. Geoffrey R. Staines says:

    I’ve been on since 30 Jan 2007! It’s true that the “similar artists” feature can lead you to some good stuff. I have just downloaded some Peter Bradley Adams to try him out.

    What’s your user name on We could see if we have compatible tastes!

  4. blog says:

    I have just set up a new account (typical scenario of losing my password and not having the old email that i registered with! I have used it for a while but not as long as you)
    My new user name is MrWalkersMate. Yours?
    Best Peter Bradley Adams albums for me: Leave Taking and Traces
    Have you tried Matt Wertz (Everything in Between is my favourite album – The Way I Fell best track)
    A bit more groove than the ever chilled Peter B.A.
    Any recommendations?
    ATB from T&S

  5. Geoffrey R. Staines says:

    As Louis XIV said, “Eclectic-G, c’est moi”. Look for a friend request coming from me on For now, says “Your musical compatibility with mrwalkersmate is VERY LOW. Music you have in common includes James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Nat King Cole and The Corrs.”

  6. blog says:

    You are obviously a thrash metal / speed punk fan then. I shall investigate your musical choice when I get the chance. Off to Hull now. 5+hrs 😀

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