Hounslow Heath Junior School, Middlesex

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What a lovely way to start a huge year for us: a joyous visit to Hounslow Heath Junior School, Middlesex.

Thank you to Ritu Aulakh (Headteacher), and her colleagues for a sunny, laughter filled, beginning of the new year. 🙂

These people really know how to smile, to laugh, and to rise to challenges.

Well done to Bradley Wyatt, Phil Harding and Laura Pavely for coming up and “becoming” gnarled characters and a translator in one of the landscapes we visited.
Bradley was on his first day as an NQT at this school! You would never have known – he was so confident.)

PPEC 14th Oct 09003There was a nice link to one of our favourite recources, today. Ritu is a good friend of Tom Cox, who invented Thinking Dice .

These incredibly simple, but thought provoking, cubes make a powerful tool for use in any classroom, and at many ages.

Thinking Dice is a  fun concept, which enables pupils to develop higher order thinking and questioning skills.

Teaching children thinking Skills can make a world of difference; research shows that thinking skills are essential for effective learning.

Each set comprises of six large colour coded foam dice. Every dice has a question structure printed on each side. These are specifically designed to promote questioning and higher order thinking, at a specific level of Bloom’s revised taxonomy of thinking.

These are: remembering and recalling information, understanding ideas and concepts, applying information, analysing information in order to explore and understand relationships, evaluating ideas, concepts and situations and creativity, making something new with the knowledge.

As I said, Thinking Dice can be easily adapted for a wide age range.

Watch this space for more developments in how we use them with both children and adults…

Hounslow Heath is a designated Local Nature Reserve and Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (of Metropolitan Importance) and is made up of lowland heath, dry acid grassland, woodland, scrub, neutral grasslands, wetlands, wildflower meadows, providing a wild, rugged country setting with a large network of paths, in what is a heavily urbanised area.

An interesting link about the area here, ‘Highwaymen on Hounslow Heath’.

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  1. Bradley Wyatt says:

    Found some great programmes to use in my lessons. Really great fun, excellent speaker. Great pair of pirates were used. I am now hooked to Mysti 3.
    Thanks again, enjoyable first day in my job.

  2. Phil Harding says:

    Had a brilliant day! Lots of fun, but more importantly have learnt lots of very useful, inspiring teaching tools!!!!

    The only problem is I’m probably going to get addicted to Myst!

    Thanks so much to you both, really enjoyable.

  3. Hugh Gwilliams says:

    It was a great start to the academic year. Staff throughout the school are keen to use those new tools, to inspire and develop a more creative approach to using ICT for learning. Many thanks to you both.

  4. georgia says:

    you look very nice miss aluck and the other teachers

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