Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester

| September 3, 2010 | 18 Comments 

Today, at Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester, joined by colleagues from Old Moat Community Primary School, we had the pleasure of spending time with staff who are always up for a challenge,¬† prepared to explore varied ways to motivate and inspire their pupils… and laugh! ūüôā

A huge THANK YOU to Dave Watson, Executive Head teacher of Chorlton Park and Old Moat Community Primary School, for inviting us here to spend such a special day with his colleagues.

Dave’s “Thoughts on a day of training with Tim and Sarah”:

Today¬†was both INSPIRING and PRACTICAL. That was because the focus of the training was not on the technology, but on USING technology to inspire and model learning. Whether you are a technology whizz or a newcomer, this training enables anybody to quickly make links between the technology and effective teaching skills, such as teacher modelling. Tim and Sarah¬†place pedagogy at the centre and use the technology as a tool.¬†Thanks for an outstanding day.¬†“Unique”

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  1. Rachel Humphreys says:

    I got so much out of today and know that the children will benefit as a result of what we gained. I am eager to give all the different things we lookied at a try.
    Thank you

  2. What an amazing inset!!! Thank you Tim and Sarah for opening up a whole new way of teaching within the classroom. I am already looking forward to trying some of your ideas out on my new class and if I can only achieve half of what you have in the classroom, I’ll be a very happy chap indeed.
    Your ideas and thoughts have been truly inspirational, thank you. I have an ever increasing list of handy links and downloads and many more have now been added. Thanks again and I hope that we see you again for future talks. Thanks a million, I’ll let you know how we get on!
    Matt Woods

  3. Sue Haycocks says:

    Today was inspirational! I hope that I can use what I have seen and experienced today in my classroom. Thanks for all the useful techno tips and links. Can’t wait to try some.

  4. Serina Khan says:

    I must say I think you both deserve a huge RIPPLE!!!Ha! It was a most amazing day, I felt inspired, revived and super charged yet challenged all at the same. It is great to see a glance of the inspirational world which you open up to your children and I can’t wait to try and share that with my class! Thank you!!!

  5. Kim Palmer says:

    Thank You for an interesting and enjoyable day! all I can say is WOW!

  6. WOW! What a brilliant, interactive training session. I know I can’t wait to start trying out some of these things in my classroom. The only difficulty is deciding where to start…..I want to use it all straight away! Thank you!!!

  7. Chas Jackson says:

    Sadly I missed the first part of the day but could see clearly on arrival that staff were totally absorbed by the pace and content of the training. Many thanks for a superbly delivered and fun packed day leaving us all full of enthusiasm and highly motivated.

  8. Lizzie Wray says:

    What a great start to our new year. A big thanks to Tim and Sarah for making our return to school so enjoyable, it was a laugh but you reminded us why we are in the education game. Thanks, Lizzie.

  9. blog says:

    Thank you all, for your lovely feedback. We really loved our day with you. Here’s to more. Make sure you get to present some of what you’ve done at the TeachMeet on the 17th of November at your place. ATB Tim and Sarah

  10. Adam Curtis says:

    A really great day. I am really excited about trying some of the ideas with my new class, just don’t know where to start, there’s so many!
    Thanks so much.

  11. Martin Gavin says:

    What a great session with some excellent ideas and websites to help engage my class for this coming year and beyond! My son loved Tag Galaxy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Marie Maynard says:

    This was such an enjoyable session and I can’t wait to inject some of it into my lessons. My class are going to love it!!!!

  13. Suzanne Taylor-Edwardson says:

    What a fantastic way to start the new academic year! You were both inspirational and entertaining. I went home with my head spinning with so many exciting new concepts and ways of using technology in the classroom. I loved Mr Walker and my first guess was that it was an instrument (I was the one that had you notching up your conquests!) but I was rather thinking that you were a Pied Piper of Bristol with your pupils dancing behind you – a handy way to round them up at the end of playtime! Thank you both for imparting your knowledge and expertise!

  14. Jacky Griffith says:

    At Chorlton Park, we already try really hard to deliver our lessons in a creative manner to engage all the children in their learning. However, this day added a whole new range of tools to support us in our quest. Thank you. It was so useful!

  15. Jo Hulme says:

    Hello! Thought you might like to know that when I asked the ‘Meerkat class’ (year 2/ 3) at Old Moat Primary School, what they thought of ICT. The response was: ‘LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! in regards to using the Myst game in ICT with ‘Mr Ali’ (Pirate Matt 2)
    Not only did you inspire me to wander the ‘scary Computer shops’ to locate the packages; in order to make learning even more creative, but thanks to all your idea’s and tips I am now desperate to pass on the ‘ripple’ to the children.
    My ‘ICT’ friends want to know who inspired me to ‘play on the computer’. Thank you!

  16. blog says:

    Hey Jo! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your ICT adventures after the course. Ripple-worthy too!
    How about getting your lot to write something that can go up on the blog, or even better, set up your own blog to record your brilliant, enthusiastic, results.
    Keep up the good stuff and let us know how you get on.

  17. Matt Woods says:

    Tried using the Myst III game in my Y3 class last week and the kids were totally hooked on it. We looked at several sttings and the children worked in pairs discussing the sounds and the new environment around them. I took a few snaps of them busy at work and have used voicethread to place a few small extracts they wrote. I’ve also managed to upload a small video clip and am hoping that they get stuck into writing some more independent work. Thanks again for your input and ideas.!

  18. Tim says:

    Hey Matt. Nice one! Good to see you using Voicethread too.
    Don’t forget to take your time and STAND STILL too.
    Why not get together some things that we could Big-Ip on the blog?
    All the best for now and well done to your gang

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