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Roger Neilson: “What the CLCs are about is encouraging good learning, using whatever technology is appropriate, and whetever approaches are appropriate. Normally we exemplify with learners on a daily basis, but sometimes …we invite others in… :-)”

We are back in the north east of England, specifically Tyneside, arriving yesterday, just as the Great North Run was finishing. Today is day one of a two day visit, starting at Marden CLC, North Tyneside, followed tomorrow by a day of demonstration lessons at Cullercoats Primary School, North Shields. Joining us today are 30 teachers from both primary and secondary schools from around the local area, for a training day. A big THANK YOU to Roger Neilson, Marden CLC’s director, for inviting us and coordinating this training event, and to his staff for their warm welcome and support.

Marden CLC opened in 2003. The Centre has four air conditioned learning spaces accommodating up to 80 learners. The Centre has a specialist media studio (television and audio) and media editing suite. Marden CLC is a member of the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust’s ICT Register, an Immersive Education registered training centre, and an Apple Regional Training Centre.

Schools with us today: Cullercoats Primary School, South Wellfield First School, Benton Dene Primary, Heworth Grange , Spring Gardens Primary School, Southlands School, St Stephen’s RCVA Primary School, Redesdale Primary School, Burradon Primary School, St Mary’s RCVA Primary School (North Shields), New York Primary School, St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School and Hadrian Park Community Primary School.
We are really looking forward to our next visit up to this area, for Storytyne.

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  1. Greg and Carol says:

    Thanks for a great day! very impressed that Sarah managed to make both of us look good on a photo!!! We wanted to be first with a comment.

  2. Neil Brown says:

    Great stuff again, thank you for the ideas, tools that you shared, but most of all the messages and creativity you preach… hope it ripples out into our schools

  3. Mandy Martin says:

    Thank you for a great day. I am looking forward to joining in tomorrow. I have a new list of websites and activities to try out now.

  4. What I liked was the expressions on everyone’s faces as you took them at pace through so much good material in one day. Not just clever stuff, but underpinned with a great creative philosophy. So much looking forward to a day with the Cullercoats kids – they don’t know what a treat they have in store.

  5. Jennifer McCall says:

    A fantastic day with nothing but usable idea after usable idea. I feel very inspired and can’t wait to inject my lessons with a bit of ‘Ryland’ magic!
    Thank you!

  6. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah,
    I had a great day today, it gave me loads of good ideas and websites that I’m looking forward to sharing with my class. Can’t wait!
    Looking forward to seeing how it goes with my class tomorrow.

  7. Wendy Smith says:

    Thanks for a really interesting day – very inspiring. Looking forward to seeing your great ideas in action with our children tomorrow…

  8. Jane says:

    What a fab day!
    You inspired me with loads of ideas for teaching but you also helped me to see some things from a child’s perspective!
    Really hoping to pop in tomorrow to see what you inspire our children to achieve.


  9. Susie Arnott says:

    Storytelling/writing needs input, experiences and passion. You showed us ways of giving children all this and more. Thanks for inspiring us 🙂
    Really looking forward to working alongside you with the classes from Cullercoats tomorrow….

  10. Liz Hollings says:

    Wow! So much to take and use. Thank you for your enthusiastic and inspiring delivery too, obvious from the smiles on everyone’s faces. I will certainly be “rippling” your ideas in my own school – watch out for the results.

    PS. The take-away software was an added and welcome bonus, so cheers for that Roger 🙂

  11. Marie Hindmarch says:

    A great day. I used to do all my planning then close the classroom door and let the children take me on a journey. So good to find that someone else does the same as me. I will be putting all your ideas into practice ASAP.

  12. Judith Brown says:

    Tim and Sarah,
    Thank you for today, lots of practical ideas and a great philosophy behind it all. I’m looking forward to trying the ideas with my class. A huge relief that the educational tides seem to be turning and people are shouting about the need to excite and interest our pupils.
    Judith Brown

  13. So nice to see all this feedback folks, well done. Big pat on back to you all….

  14. Claire says:

    A very enjoyable and inspiring day. Very useful to see new tools to use with children but also new uses for old tools.
    Thank you

  15. Marie Hindmarch says:

    Hi Tim,
    very impressed with your classroom management skills. I loved the way you pulled kids up for their disruptive antics, but always managed to praise them for positive responses. If all teachers could remember that children love being praised for the good bits we would have happier children. I loved the opportunity the kids had to let rip as long as they came down quickly. We are talking serious life skills here.
    Sarah you are so quietly organised, efficient and calm. Well done.

  16. Wow some lovely and really thoughtful feedback coming back. Great to have been part of all this.

  17. Ok so today I tried out some of this. In the afternoon I was on the start platform of Myst for over an hour with Yr 3s….. Here’s one piece produced…

    I see massive and big rocks and a big eagle.There is orange and yellow also gray.I can see the blue sky and some white clouds.There is a massive space ship and a funny path.The wind is howling and the bells are chiming also the sun is shining but you can not see it.There is some grass on the ground some brown,yellow , orange and grey on the ground.
    There is some white,yellow,black and light green stained glass windows.There is a big platform and a bar to keep the people from falling.There are about five trees three big ones and two little ones.There are two birds swooping around together and there is one little bush and some yellow sand.

    I feel extremely super duper happy because I would be excited to go there.There is a green house and it has a ivy plant and there is a women and her baby spoke to me and she said’ come and look at my study’. There are some doors and she said to look in the two doors. There was a path that leaded some where else. There is a stone floor in the green house and I think the lady lives in the green house.There was a seat that the lady was sitting on with her baby. She was playing with her baby on the seat.We went into his study and looked around then we pressed on the book and the man came that worked in the study and talked a little bit then walked to his desk. Then the evil man ran to the special book and ran off and disappeared.

    That’s a Yr 3 (well year 2 until a month ago…..) Ok I changed the odd spelling here and there but that’s the only editing I did.

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