Cullercoats Primary School, North Tyneside

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Following a very enjoyable training day at Marden CLC, we ventured just down the road, to Cullercoats Primary School, a large primary school that prides itself on the quality of its teamwork across year groups, key stages and the school as a whole, and that is very evident.

A huge THANK YOU to head teacher, Gavin Storey, and his team for looking after us and supporting the ‘quick changes’ required through the day as we had the pleasure of working with pupils and staff across the school.

Neil Brown, of Marden CLC, kindly recorded his thoughts on the two days for us:

I firmly believe that when you take the time to watch anyone teach, no matter what their experience, you will learn something new; a tool, an idea, a method or maybe just a new question to ask or way to ask it. Having spent two days with Tim and Sarah, the first amongst colleagues and fellow teachers from our area, and today, observing three lessons with three different year groups, I know I can tick off all of the above.

Personal highlights for me are hard to describe, most were subtle and cleverly disguised in Tim’s excellent interaction with the children. But the slow ‘reeling in’ of the children with all manner of multi-sensory references to, in this case, the beautiful scenes of Myst, stood out. As did the many techniques that shifted the children’s attention and kept them guessing; the role playing, interviewing, the translator exercise and the spontaneous reading of completed work by the children were all note worthy.

But most of all, by the end of the third lesson I was really struck that the special moments were all the more special because of the time taken to get there and the ‘standing still’ in Myst. The rewards were all the more rich for the wait and the work that got them to that place.  

 Each time I have been lucky enough to spend time in the company of Tim and Sarah, I have come away feeling uplifted and positive about all things teaching. That’s not to say that I spend the rest of my time in the doldrums, but the messages and philosophy that Tim preaches so well can’t help but inspire, and remind even the most deflated and over worked teachers out there, and unfortunately they are out there in large numbers, exactly what teaching is all about and why we all do it… Of course, the children.
So let’s all help spread the word and remind our colleagues; that kids need inspiring, they need and deserve teachers that are prepared to take some risks, do things a bit differently, look beyond imposed systems and work schemes and send their children home buzzing, inspired and wondering what tomorrow will bring.     

Tim, Sarah, I for one am with you!

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  1. Greg Houghton says:

    It is always a pleasure to meet people with great passion and ability,
    this was no exception. Thank you Sarah and Tim for sharing so many brilliant ideas and concepts.

  2. What a fantastic set of pictures that beautifully capture the delight of the day!

  3. Wendy Smith says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for a fantastic day, enjoyed by all children and staff involved.

    I collected some thoughts from my children after their lesson with the “hilariously funny, cool and fantastic Mr Rylands”!

    “I felt like I was in my own little magical world.”

    “I was sad when we had to go. I wanted to stay in the hall and keep on writing.”

    “I wanted to see and write lots more.”

    “My Rylands made learning fun and I wanted to write more.”

    “It was really funny and exciting and made me want to write.”

    “Mr Rylands was fun to work with.”

    “I liked going on a ‘little walk’ with Mr Rylands.”

    “It was more fun that normal writing.”

    I think it’s fair to say that I great time was had by all!

  4. Gavin Storey says:

    A huge thank you Tim for two fantastic days. Using games to inspire children to write whilst empowering teachers to think outside the box to engage and enthuse their pupils to write. Truly inspirational! Entertaining, magical and motivating.

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