Woolavington Primary School, Somerset: Day One

| September 22, 2010 | 14 Comments 

After stopping of at AT Computers, Tewksbury, we’re now back within a stone’s throw, (or twelve), from home, here at Woolavington Primary School in Somerset. We can see Crook Peak, (thank you BBC for this) a view we usually enjoy from our back garden. Today, is a good long twilight session with teachers and TA’s from the schools and visiting colleagues from neighbouring schools in the Sedgemoor Learning Alliance, 14 establishments including primary, secondary and special schools. What a treat, loads of smiles and laughter, and we will have the pleasure of returning here next Tuesday, for a day of demonstration lessons.

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  1. Caroline Barlow says:

    I was inspired this evening! I really enjoy learning – and I certainly learnt a great deal this evening! Worth every minute. Thank you!

  2. Jo Warren says:

    Love the photos! Will be taking my Wii into school soon! Ta

  3. Chris Partridge says:

    I really enjoyed the session this evening and found it truly inspirational. I can’t wait for the children of Woolavington to experience these ideas and look forward to working with you again.

  4. Angela Starks says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to see it in action on Tuesday.

  5. Margaret Davenport says:

    Can’t wait for Tuesday! Thanks for a very entertaining twilight.

  6. Liz Bale says:

    Thank you for opening our eyes to a wonderful way in which we can help unlock the imagination of our young people. Looking forward to next week and watch their faces shine with enthusiasm. 😉

  7. Jo Madge says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to trying the ideas out with my year 6 class. Haven’t laughed so much on a course – ever!
    Looking forwward to next week.

  8. Mick Bird says:

    Entertaining? Definitely.For learners of all ages!
    Educational? The results and LOs speak for themselves.
    Weird? Maybe in a fascinating way, but we’ll remember this twilight for rather longer than the others we normally suffer!

  9. Michelle Dhir says:

    An insightful workshop into using different resources to spark off children’s imaginations across the curriculum.

  10. Helen Woodhams says:

    Saw Tim a few years ago at Baytree and so was excited to have the opportunity to see him again. Thank you Woolavington for the invite.
    And just to reinforce Tim’s session…I’ve used Myst in lessons and sen some brilliant writing.

  11. Lesley McDowall says:

    Hi Tim – just wanted to say I have been teaching over 30 years and been to many , many INSET sessions as you can imagine – I have never been so inspired as i was by your session today – i was totally amazed and enthused by everything that you were doing – absolutely Fantastic! – Thank you so much – I am the one in turquoise in the front who was pointing in the picture by the way ! Can sadly only come to bits of Tuesday but am looking forward to it and finding out even more.
    Thank you again Lesley

  12. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Lesley, for your very thoughtful feedback. Praise indeed, which means a lot to us.
    See you for whatever bits you CAN come to on Tuesday.

  13. Maggie Cotterill says:

    I am a teacher and KS2/3 Lead at the Alternative Provision Centre, Taunton where we teach pupils using the virtual classroom. I found Tim’s work absolutely fascinating and inspiring, and I was filled with enthusiasm. The session was lively, fun, informative, relevant and the time just flew by. I didn’t want it to end! My congratulations to you both on your splendid work.

  14. Lesley McDowall says:

    Having managed to get to the afternoon session only of Day once again I was totally captivated by the attention of the children , their ideas and the manner in which you grabbed their interest and enthusiam for learning. I am a total Fan of the work you do ! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to creative learning.

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