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Woolavington Primary School, Somerset: Day Two

| September 28, 2010 | 4 Comments 

Back across the misty moors for Myst and more.

The Somerset Levels, are a mystical landscape, filled with ancient history, and stories of yore. Not far from here, at Woolavington Primary School, the lay lines lead the traveller, aware enough of these invisible routes towards such story-laden sites as Glastonbury Tor, Wells Cathedral with its all encircling moat (reminding us of the enchanting landscapes of Epic Citadel).

So it is, that we set forth on our trusty steed , Ovlov, from below the Mendip Hills, the short distance to the sleepy hamlet of  Woolavington Primary School, for the next chapter in our wanders through the world of words.

We aren’t “sent in”. We are called in by visionary heads, who have an eye for the value of creative technology, within an effective school curriculum.

So, another big THANK YOU to Woolavington’s head Chris Partridge, for his infectious dynamism and, his vision for engaging pupils in learning.

“Watching and listening to Tim today, and seeing the children hanging on to his words and enthusiasm, has made me incredibly proud of the them. It is great to see and hear the ‘buzz’ around the school and teachers inspired to take these techniques back into their classrooms.”

Chris Partridge

For one of the best pictures ever, and more Continue Reading

Mystical Revelations

| September 28, 2010 | 1 Comment 

Greetings from the (cold and windy) Shetland isles!

I have recently qualified as a primary teacher at the University of Aberdeen. During my final placement, I observed a primary five teacher using Myst as a stimulus for creative writing, and I was astonished at the writing being produced by all of the pupils in her class.

I have now started my induction year, with a primary five/six class back home in in the Shetland Isles, and was keen to use the video game in my class.

Just wanted to say that my class are really into the swing of using Myst as a stimulus for creative writing: some of the writing pupils produced today was AMAZING (one in particular really stood out). Continue Reading