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Greetings from the (cold and windy) Shetland isles!

I have recently qualified as a primary teacher at the University of Aberdeen. During my final placement, I observed a primary five teacher using Myst as a stimulus for creative writing, and I was astonished at the writing being produced by all of the pupils in her class.

I have now started my induction year, with a primary five/six class back home in in the Shetland Isles, and was keen to use the video game in my class.

Just wanted to say that my class are really into the swing of using Myst as a stimulus for creative writing: some of the writing pupils produced today was AMAZING (one in particular really stood out).

The writing we do for Myst is done in jotters each week. After we do our writing, we do 1st, 2nd and 3rd marking (self/peer assessment, followed by a comment from me). This writing is first draft, remember.

One child’s writing, last week, was so impressive, as they have lack confidence when it comes to writing.

The success criteria for this particular week was to try and avoid starting sentences with an I and use a verb instead, and to remember to use capital letters and full stops. These two are both in P6, and I am proud of what they have acheived.

Cautiously, I sit down on the strange chair. Theres a big, red button on my right. I’m so tempted to press it but I know I shouldn’t. Red buttons meen stuff like ‘self distruct’ or ‘shut down’ or something like that. It’s a button that shouldn’t be pressed. Or it could be an ejector seet. When you press it, you fly out of the seet. So, so carefully, my finger approaches the big, bold menising button. I cover my eyes with my free hand. Click! Nothing happened. “Phew!” I leen back and relax on the back of my chair. The chair slowly began to spin, then faster and faster and faster! “Make it stop” I screamed. Then it stopped. “Argh” I said. “This chair is pure evil”. It plays tricks on you by a large red button, you press it and nothing happens and that diabolical chair propels you around at sickening speeds. I haul myself out of the chair. I look at it in disgust. “Fiend” I growled. I walk over to a huge circular window. I see the canyon and the river through the window. “Well, considering that chair tried to kill me, this view is awsom!” I walk towards the window.

I look. “Ow my gosh! This view is amazing!” Theres large biospheres and it looks like a bunker in the rocks. “This place gose on for ever. It looks like the girls wacky father isn’t so wacky after all. He built a huge base miles down into the rocks”. I look down. “It looks like a water resvour. He must be making electricity heer because of all the generators and lightning down stairs. This guy isn’t just mad, he’s magnificent!!!”
By Ewan, P6, Brae Primary (Shetland)

After I have finished admiring the scenery I look up. It looks like a lader. There is a ringing nois, but it doesn’t look like a lader.
Turning around very, very slowly, there was some steps leading to a rocket made of dirty metel with a spooky, dusty door. Scared but excited I go to the door. There is some kind of electric pole. Now that Im closer, I feel a chill running down my spine. Im terrified.
Terifide, I shut my eyes and pull down the lever, then I open my eyes. The door has opened. Quietly stepping inside, I turn to the left. There are levers and a worear face.
By Leanne, P6, Brae Primary (Shetland)

Had some fantastic writing again today. One of the comments made at the end of one of the pupil’s self assessment was ‘I enjoyed writing Myst and I can’t wait until next week’! I wish writing was as fun as this when I was at school…

Many thanks,

Belinda Anderson 🙂

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  1. marie goodlad says:

    Very impressive!! Can’t wait to try out one day with my class 🙂 xx

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