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Margaret Davenport, Reception Class teacher and Literacy Coordinator at Woolavington Primary School, kindly recorded some thoughts for us about our visit to her school.

Thank you, Margaret, for your valuable feedback. For the time and effort you went to for us, and most of all, for your infectious enthusiam.

Today, we were lucky to have a second visit from Tim Rylands, who had run a twilight session the week before explaining how he inspired children to write, especially with the use of ICT.

We had three sessions during the day and were joined by teachers from local schools. It was very interesting to see how the different year groups reacted and how the same principles could be differentiated across the key stages.

The children were instantly involved as they entered the hall with a mysterious scene on the wall and then Tim began to work his magic. Every child was involved and they were encouraged to share their ideas both orally and then in writing.

Tim used fun ways to remember similes and metaphors; he found other ways, discouraging putting hands up, and he continually asked the children if they were up for a challenge. He even told the children they did not have to worry about their spelling! He told children their work was not good… it was FANTASTIC! All the time the children were engaged and by the time they were “allowed to write” they produced some excellent pieces.

I was very impressed how the children, who were perhaps working at a lower level in their class, were eager to write and also to share their work with the other children; their confidence was boosted and their self esteem grew throughout the session. The older children also used an iPad to record their ideas.

Some of the best bits!

“I can’t do anything,” said a Y2 child as he began to write. Later he was proudly reading out his work to over forty children.

A Y1 child was engaged in a persuasive argument with Tim in front of a large audience.

“Are we going to do more writing ‘cos I really want to” said Jack as the session ended.

A child playing the piano to set the mood!

A child in Y6 who was so proud that his work had been read and praised by Tim.

Children who were usually quiet in class standing up and reading out their work without being chosen but instead taking the step themselves.

Altogether the day was amazing and we cannot wait as a staff to discuss how to put some of these ideas into practise and I have a funny feeling the children will feel the same way.

Margaret Davenport, Literacy Coordinator. Woolavington Primary School

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