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A wonderful day: Storytyne at The Open University in Gateshead.

Steve Bunce, Vital Regional Centre Manager (North East) writes:

‘I’m so excited and I think I like it’ as the song goes, I’m really excited because ‘Storytyne’ is finally here!  It shouldn’t just be me though, it’s really ‘We’re so excited!’ as the team of people who have come together in this ‘Highlander’ style gathering are looking forward to today too.
Storytyne is an opportunity to bring together educators working in many different areas of the country and with different tools and ideas, but with the common theme of storytelling.

The story of this week began with a mysterious email ‘Gentlemen, I think you should have a look at the top floor.’  What could it mean? The top floor of the Open University building in the North East of England is the venue for Storytyne, a lovely open empty space.  So, what could it be?  On arrival, ‘WOW!’ a stunning sight to behold.  A Japanese instrument called a Gamelan had been delivered and this is not just one instrument, but an orchestra of instruments. Beautifully carved and irresistible to not bang a gong.

With much careful rearranging, this has now become the wonderful stage furniture for the presentations.

“The line up for today was tremendous!  Tim started the imaginations racing as he explored a magical land using Epic Citadel, an inspiring game, new to the ipad and ipod touch.

We then had Dr. Sean McCusker and Kerry Cottiss telling us about the Durham University and Vital research into storytelling in schools.

Next, we  were really pleased that  Tim Meek of Scholastic was able to join us to share about his work to develop boys’ writing.  He worked with a group of ‘reluctant’ readers and writers to inspire them through the use of Microsoft Kodu, free 3D game making software.  Read here about his ‘Kodudes – the write buzz’ .

Next up was Vicki Cable from Shoofly about good storytelling using objects as well as showing their lovely storytelling resources.  Anne Curtis from Shoofly is sadly unable to join us today, a big thank you goes to Anne for her help and advice setting up Storytyne.

Then we enjoyed lunch, where the delegate storytellers got to eat, talk and mix with some of the commercial companies who are sharing in our day.  These include Storyphones , Rising Stars and BLi Education. In addition to the lovely people presenting from Brainpop, 2Simple, Anithings, Land of Me, Northern Grid and Vital”.

“The afternoon brought a difficult decision, as folk joined ‘North Tynies’ or ‘South Tynies’.  The North Tynies saw the fantastic Bill Boyd (@literacyadviser) share about his love for ‘Inanimate Alice’ a transmedia story.

Alan Yeoman of 2Simple (@simple_alan  ) demonstrated using ‘2 Create a Superstory’ using images from the Epic Citadel game.

Eylan Ezekial of Brainpop (@eylanezekiel) shared about ‘Facts and Fiction’ linked to the over-arching theme of storytelling and Tim’s focus on the medieval and traditional tales.

Meanwhile, the South Tynies had the joy of hearing from Susie Arnott (@darktigerlily) of North Tyneside LA and how she has used creating comics and led to improved writing”.

“James Huggins of Madeinme (@james_madeinme ) , transported us away to the lovely ‘Land of Me’ and it’s beautiful interactive stories.

Next up, was ‘Stripey Steve’ of Anithings (@stripeysteve  ), cracking animation software and he lead us through creating our own stories with it.

Pause for breath…..”

“Back together again and Bill Lord (@ joga5  ) who shared his time in schools and how to treasure speaking and listening, through recordings, blogs and Twitter.  Even Burglar Bill, “The Campest Criminal” made an appearance. Bill “Live Blogged” the events of the day HERE.

And finally…Tim and Sarah rounded up the day with more ways to use stories, including Tom Cox’s ‘Thinking dice’ to develop higher order thinking”.

The whole day has come together beautifully, with Simon Finch (@simfin and Lianne Watkinson from Northern Grid support with ideas and administration.  Jo Mapplebeck and Steve Bunce (@stevebunce of Vital (ICT CPD for teachers from the DfE and Open Uni ) and very kindly sponsored by Scholastic through the excellent Chris Radcliffe (@chrisrat  )

Well I’d best go, there’s a gamelan to be played and an unbelievable day to remember.  Happy storytelling!

Thanks all for a great day. It worked!!

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  1. Carl Faulkner says:

    First to comment….can I have a prize? As well as a chair?

    I have never been to a conference and come away with a chair. So much nicer to sit on than the more typical freebies of a badge, pen or pack of post-its.

    I brought three teachers from my school with me today; Tim and Sarah lived up to my hopes and I think inspired us all. Lets see what happens in school next week.

    Well done to the organisers for putting together a really good mixed package for the day.The two Bills were other highlights of my day.

    Hope everyone makes it home ok through the fog.


  2. Paul Gormley (Soylent Corp) says:

    Very inspiring stuff from Tim and Sarah. Anithings looks a brilliant piece of software. James Huggins was engaging and so enthusiastic. Now I need to go find out how to tweet!

  3. simfin says:

    An outstanding day of ideas, discussion and laughter – if only all school days were like this. Tim and Sarah’s energy, attention to detail,and quality of delivery are both inspiring and humbling – and every teacher and learner should have the opportunity to have them in their school.

    Storytyne would not have been possible without the creative and eternally optimistic Steve Bunce who somehow persuaded all the speakers to give of their time for free and transformed an empty space into an exciting venue with free wifi and great food!

    What have I learned? If Steve tells you he has an idea – go for it. Let him build it and they will come. 🙂

  4. Storytine was a fabulous event. Tim and Sarh, you were inspiring as always. This time I actually got the opportunity to sit, listen and take in the ideas you were presenting unlike at bMobLe 2010. I loved the Epic Citadel ideas and will be using them in Bradford schools next half term. Well done to all the other presenters as well especially Bill Lord who blogged live from the venue in incredible detail. Big thanks to Steve Bunce and Simon Finch and all the other organisers. A brilliant day’s CPD! The story chair is coming to the British GP with me next year. 🙂

  5. Clare A says:

    What a fantastic day. I was engaged from beginning to end. Lots of fantastic ideas that I know I will use in the classroom. My partner is just using crazy talk to animate a picture of my dog – so no doubt I will be using that in lessons.

    Brilliant day – well done Steve on organising it. Great venue and great speakers. Tim and Sarah – thank you for inspiring me.

  6. Colin Graham says:

    I love that fact that you all seem to have had such a productive day. I’m a bit sad that Steve Bunce wasn’t wearing his Mr Benn bowler hat… (it’s an in-joke for Twitter users!).

    Oh, and BTW, the gamelan is actually Indonesian (probably Javan) in origin, as your link states, not Japanese! I expect a well-educated person such as yourself confused it with Gagaku – the ancient Japanese court music 😉

  7. blog says:

    Thanks for this Graham. Mr “Bence” was dressed up – as “a smart and respectable, docotorly type, successful, conference organisatorator”.
    Oops! Re the gamelan. Thanks for the nudge
    ATB Tim

  8. What a great day, really loved it and came away buzzing, thanks to you both! I am trying to work out when to fit Epic Citadel in…Ta for asking me to be a pickpocket 🙂

  9. Debbie Moore says:

    What a truly inspirational day! Thank you to everybody involved. Loved the idea of sitting on a camp chair, which you then get to take away…brilliant! All the speakers gave lots of creative ideas and ways to use resources in the classroom effectively to raise the profile of, and engagement with storytelling.
    I particularly loved the inputs from Tim, Sarah and from Tim at Scholastic.
    Thanks for a truly fab day. Here’s looking to the next event.

    Debbie M x

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