National Middle Schools’ Forum Conference 2010

| October 18, 2010 | 5 Comments 

Today we are in Nottingham at The National Middle Schools Forum – the national organisation representing middle schools in England, held at the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children’s Services.

Nigel Wyatt, Executive Officer, National MIddle Schools Forum provides an overview of the event:

“Today we are celebrating 40 years of middle school education in this country – looking back at key messages from the past and looking forward to the next ten years. Forty years ago in 1970 the first LEA wide middle school systems open in Stoke on Trent and in Southampton – in as period of great optimism and hope for the possiblities this new type of school had to offer. Tim’s input will help us move forward as we seek to connect with that optimism from the past as we look forward to the next 40 years.”
Conference on 18th/19th October 2010

At the conference, they were celebrating 40 years of middle schools in this country – the first Local Authority wide middle school systems opened in 1970. They were also looking forward to their future development and thinking about the current challenges for school leadership, including leading learning in schools in the digital age.

This was a group of people who were up for a laugh, but also rose to challenges, because we threw lots at them, at a great pace, but they responded with alacrity.

Thank you, all, for a great day, and we look forward to working with you again, soon.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Truly inspirational – I’ve already sent ideas back to my school!

  2. Ali keily says:

    A fantastic and inspirational session, with lots of ideas to take away and share
    With other members of staff

  3. Gary Booth says:

    IT is the backdrop to our classrooms but in listening to Tim Rylands today it was clear that it was the impact it can have on learning that should inspire us to look at and unlock its potential. There is much to think about and that’s what a good conference should provoke.

  4. Nigel WYatt says:

    Lifted everyone’s spirits but also provoked thinking about the nature of learning and how we can use IT to inspire children through engagement and wonder. Excellent!

  5. Zoe says:

    I’ve come back to school and immediately set about giving the details of the websites to members of staff and bought a certain set of games! Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thanks for the inspiration.

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