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The second day of the Somersettings: ICT to Inspire Project, and we are here at King Arthur’s School  in Wincanton, Somerset.

Thank you to Harry Hughes and his colleagues, for organising a great day, full of laughter and enjoyable challenges and for his overview of today’s event.

Tim’s still in Somerset!

Be Inspired! At King Arthur’s Community School, Wincanton

Session 1 9-10 the bell goes and 50 Yr 7 pupils arrive in the darkened hall – what’s going to happen next?  They don’t know. Apprehensive looks soon turn to smiles and giggles as Tim introduces himself and Mr Walker – his walking stick with holes!  And the children are soon discussing why the holes?

  • Musical instrument
  • An exercise yard for worms!
  • A mouse ate through it 
 Teacher thought: He’s already got their attention and creative juices flowing just by thinking about his walking stick.  Responses are interspersed with references to the image on the large screen – the wind, birds, smoke from the chimney, the smell.  The pupils are very quickly engaged in the moving image.  Where are you in it?  What is this place?  The ‘lesson’ has started – and the children haven’t even realised it is a lesson!

Creative ideas begin to flow

  • The world moving at a faster space
  • A desert like place
  • A giant world

 Teacher thought: There has been a seamless transition from the introduction into the meat of the lesson. Out of the discussion comes the ‘posh’ word simile.  With a touch of drama the whole group (teachers and all) are putting on the very best posh posture and accent to announce the word ‘simile’.  Before we knew it Tim was pulling similes out of the image like water rushing from a spring!  With a bit of extra thought, the children are also spotting the metaphors as well.

Teacher thought: Key vocabulary has been introduced/recapped and placed inside of this teaching sequence.

“Standing here, looking out over the ………” – the starter sentence to get the children writing.  The scribbly sticks are very soon frantically moving, guided by Tim’s rules of writing:

  • No right or wrong ideas
  • Nick ideas – but add a little of your own work to it
  • Don’t worry about your spelling (for now)

Teacher thought: It’s very striking how keen the boys are to take part and the quality of their writing is very high.  In an atmosphere where risk taking was being encouraged, the examples of writing began to flow – and the boys loved it!  Snippets of writing were read aloud without prompting, followed by a very well deserved round of applause.

Exploring the multi-sensory world on the screen further by taking a walk around the scene, Tim issues a challenge to the class to fly by the seat of you pants and make it up as you go along.  A great response from Jack at the front – similes, metaphors and all!

Wait!  Who’s this?  Thrown into our imaginary world is the gardener and his boss (a boy and girl volunteer), who are then questioned to find out more about our new found land.  With the help of coloured dice (with differentiated questions), the children improve their questioning technique.  Breaking into trios – a interviewer, interviewee and a translator – gives time to practice the questioning and speaking and listening skills further.


In Summary

Creative writing comes naturally given the right stimulus – especially for boys!

With regard to technology, less is definitely more.

Humour works magic

Session 2

Teachers take a look at the Myst gaming software.  What are the possibilities?  Are there any technical issues?

Teacher thought: The key lies in finding the best places as starting points in a lesson and which paths to take to tap into the children’s imagination.

Feeling more comfortable with the game environment, the teachers’ attention turns to thoughts on possible uses in their classrooms.

The session ends with a whistle stop tour of saved games, each one with a new landscape to explore and to inspire original thought.

Then, with the teachers, a session exploring practical ideas to enthuse and motivate learners through the use of the Myst Games, followed by an afternoon looking at further ideas to inspire.

We ended the day with staff from all subject areas in a Twilight Session focusing on how ICT can inspire and raise levels of creativity in children of all abilities.

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  1. Sian Hughes says:

    An excellent day, full of brilliant resources. So glad I made the trip from Bristol. The lesson at the begining was amazing. All the students were engaged and they all wanted to participate. I just hope I don’t forget anything. Thank you so much.

  2. Nici says:

    A really great day with so many ideas that it will take time to sift through them all in my mind! If I can remember to use just a few of Tim’s ideas it will be well worth while. Thank you.

  3. Matt Jackson says:

    A fantastic twilight session. Came away inspired and energised with new ideas to incorporate into the education we deliver. Thanks to Tim and Sarah………and Mr Walker of course!!

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