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| October 21, 2010 | 4 Comments 

The third of our Somerset Somersettings Days, today at St Louis Catholic Primary, in Frome.

What a delightful set of children and visiting colleagues. We are so lucky, to spend our days with so much laughter, amongst the creative challenges.

These children knew how to rise to challenges, but they also responded, incredibly positively, to all of the little tips we gave, on everything from social etiquette, to extending their speaking, listening and “Verbal Jazz” techniques. ¬†

To make something up, on the spur of the moment; to extend a sentence “on the fly”; to write or talk without pre-planning, and not worry about making “mistakes” along the way; to respond to unexpected changes; to take off and fly… takes courage. All here today, went for it! Well done all.

And a Well Done to the visiting teachers today, who picked-up on many, many ideas explored and were prepared to share their observations and experiences.

Many thanks to Head teacher¬†Richard Trigs and his colleagues for coordinating today’s event and looking after us so efficiently.

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  1. Sophie Hooper says:

    Wow, what an inspiring and motivational day! I love ICT but am always worried about using it just for the sake of it, to tick a box. This day gave me so many ideas on some effective and simple ICT that could be used in countless ways and at so many levels. I also picked up lots of great teaching techniques as well, um…. will be outlawed! Thank you Tim and Sarah for once again setting my head buzing with lots of things to try!

  2. Bea May says:

    Thanks for the day. I can’t wait to inspire the children in our school, especially boys.

  3. Thank you Tim and Sarah for a wonderful day!
    It was great working with children in different key stages – their enthusiasm was inspiring!
    My favourite part of the session? Children proudly reading their writing out,one after the other,without any prompting.

  4. Jamie Prouse says:

    Great to speak tonight, and sorry to have missed you in Frome, but not suprised that your work continues to inspire teachers, and children and leave a lasting impact. Speak soon. Cheers ta! Jamie Prouse

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