American School of The Hague, Holland

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A fun time of demo lessons, with staff and students from The American School of The Hague, Holland, or “ASH” as it has been known for over fifty years.

It nearly being Hallowe’en, all of the students, and the teachers, were dressed in their spooky finery:

Ghosts, ghouls, spiders, witches, wizards, and all manner of scary beasty, haunted the halls of this hallowed building.

What an incredible, bubbling, school.

Today, it was abuzz with celebrations, but it is always a thriving community.

Located in Wassenaar, a residential community on the north side of The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands, ASH offers complete early childhood education, elementary, middle and high school programs for ages 3 to 18. It is a huge collection of nationalities and interests, with over 1000 students, split between Elementary School, Middle School, and High Schools. The student body is approximately 30% American and 10% Dutch, with the remaining 60% coming from over 65 other nationalities!

The 11-acre campus offers wireless internet, three libraries, two cafeterias, high quality facilities for music, theatre, and art, three gyms plus a double sports hall and work out gym, and outdoor sports areas for all age groups, including soccer and baseball fields.

We started with some 1st Grader’s in a library.

What a superb bunch. They arrived, in the ghostly get-ups, and quickly rose to the challenges, and opportunities, we offered them.

There were so many packed into the room, that we lay on the carpet to write, and draw, what we thought might exist, just out of sight, and then voyaged to discover what it actually was. The children showed remarkable, and inventive thought, and turned these in to delightful, imaginative, pieces of writing and imaginative illustrations.

After a quick turn around, we were joined by ALL the 6th Graders, AND some 5th Graders, to take the wandering in the world of words to even further levels. What always impresses me, when we do lessons with multiple languages, and nationalities, is how quickly students tune in to the Bald British Bloke, and, in whatever language, start to pick words up and juggle with them.

A sparky bunch, who took very little time to start to develop some quite complex descriptive vocabulary, and bring a landscape alive.

This is the first, of a three day visit to the school. Next,The European Laptop Institute Conference.

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  1. Carol Neeland says:

    Tim and Sarah,

    Thank you both for spending time with our students on Friday and with all of us at the conference this weekend. Your keynote speech and workshop were interesting as well as entertaining.

    I have to say that the real magic for me was in watching our 6th graders grow as learners and creative thinkers in the short time they spent with you on Friday. They were absolutely captivated by the entire experience, as we could see from the writing they so willingly and enthusiastically shared.

    We’re hoping to see you again very soon.

    Safe travels,


  2. Sarah says:

    Carol – your feedback is something we both respect, and are very grateful for. We write this from a mobile phone because the Internet in this bit of England seems strangely sticky. Speak again soon. All the best for now Tim and Sarah

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