European Laptop Institute Conference – The Hague, Holland

| October 30, 2010 | 2 Comments 

A great second day at American School of The Hague for a workshop, in the main theatre, for the European Laptop Institute Conference – The Hague, Holland.
The European Laptop Institute is an international event for schools using or considering laptops or tablets and other handheld devices as tools for learning. Hosted by the American School in The Hague in The Netherlands, the European Laptop Institute offers breakout sessions – from hands-on events to lectures, discussions and networking.
We delivered a session using various iPad and Web based resources. Thank you, to our two, unsuspecting, characters, who joined us in Epic Citadel.

Other speakers at this event include Dr Gary Stager, and the glorious John Davitt, with numerous workshops presented by teachers and administrators from various international schools.

Some excellent stuff.

Judy Zalesky, from ASH, showed us many uses of iPod Touches, in Kindergarten. She gave lots of useful, practical, tips, on apps, and management of the hardware. Her presentation is HERE.

One superb workshop was run by Ruth Behrsing, also from ASH. She explored some options for student response systems in the classroom, using a set of clickers as well as using laptops and iphones/ipods as response devices. We were the students while Ruth showed different ways that you can use these with various classes.

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  1. Lucy Bourne says:

    Thank you very much for your time and enthusiasm this weekend at the Laptop institute in the Hague. Truly invaluable. All I can say is the poor midwife!

    Well done on the tech issues!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey. Lucy Thank you for your feedback and smiles through the weekend.
    Keep in touch

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