European Laptop Institute Conference II – The Hague, Holland

| October 31, 2010

Another great day, our third at the European Laptop Institute Conference at the American School in The Hague and today a keynote looking at challenge based learning and the power of the games making process, and then another workshop using various iPad and Web based resources in one of the classroom.

A huge theatre/theater, Sunday morning, many different languages and cultures… and yet the folk here were incredibly “up for it”. Thank you one and all, for your laughter, feedback and great ideas.

We rattled through a lot of “tech”, but also looked at how these technologies can be applied, right the way through from K to 12, to have an impact on standards, and communication, within our classroom.

In our workshop, we covered many other elements, including how to make interactive, multi-modal resources using PowerPoint.
A screen shot, of the summary, is included here.
The two linkbunch collections of links to some of the tech, were  and

Thank you Lal Abraham, his colleagues, the great delegates here, and all the other friendly folk during the weekend.

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  1. Lowell Thomson says:

    Very entertaining this morning. I’m still skeptical about the application of these ideas into my IB DP Chemistry class that is learning about organic chemistry.

    Any thoughts?

  2. blog says:

    My goodness me – you like to set a challenge.! 😀
    The ideas, whether web2.0 (interaction through PrimaryPad, Wallwisher, etc; “research” using TagGalaxy etc; ) or the teaching techniques, are applicable from K through to 12.
    (It is a shame you didn’t see any of the lessons on Friday).
    We are often surprised when High school science teachers are the ones who come up, after our training sessions, with a passion to integrate tech shown in to lessons, but I also value any other ideas. Your thoughts?
    It isn’t the technology. It is how we apply it in powerful teaching that matters, eh?
    Thanks for your comment/feedback
    I will continue to think of other ways Lowell…. 🙂