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A fantastic day, with over a hundred folk from Spelthorne, in the Thames Club. A packed session, yet these folk were really up for a challenge.

There were lots of events taking place around the area, covering many subjects and issues. 


Enhancing Achievement for our Children and Young People

Spelthorne Schools Together is a confederation of 30 schools in the Borough of Spelthorne. The Confederation brings together multi-agencies with the aim of enhancing the achievement of the children and young people in Spelthorne. They are cross phase and include the foundation stage, key stages 1 to 4 and sixth form. They include mainstream and special schools as well as a Short Stay School.

Their projects aim to raise achievement and aspirations at all key stages, involve learning opportunities for all, promote social inclusion, develop the role of schools in the community and aid collaboration, co-operation and communication between schools and multi-agencies.

The Confederation supports schools in Spelthorne to deliver cohesive Extended Services throughout the borough.

Extended Services have been a key way of delivering the Labour Government’s five Every Child Matters outcomes which are:

  1. Be healthy
  2. Stay safe
  3. Enjoy and achieve
  4. Make a positive contribution
  5. Achieve economic well-being

There are currently 23 Confederations in Surrey;  Surrey County Council is looking at amalgamating these into 11 Borough-wide Confederations.  As information on spending emerges from the Department for Education Confederations may take a new direction.  In the meantime, Spelthorne Schools Together continue to deliver projects which enhance Extended Services.

A big THANK YOU to Gail Murphy for coordinating such a huge gathering of schools at today’s event – very impressive.

For a list of the Spelthorne school, and their websites

School Name Website
Beauclerc Infant & Nursery School http://www.beauclerc.surrey.sch.uk
Hawkedale Infants – A Foundation School http://www.hawkedale.surrey.sch.uk/
Knowle Park Infant School http://www.knowle-park.surrey.sch.uk/
Littleton Church of England Infant School http://www.littleton.surrey.sch.uk
Shortwood Infant School http://www.shortwood.surrey.sch.uk/
Spelthorne Infant & Nursery School www.spelthorne-infant.surrey.sch.uk
Ashford Church of England Primary School http://www.ashford-primary.surrey.sch.uk
Ashford Park Primary School www.ashford-park.surrey.sch.uk
Buckland Primary School www.bucklandprimary.surrey.sch.uk/
Chennestone Primary Community School http://www.chennestone.surrey.sch.uk/
Clarendon Primary School http://www.clarendon.surrey.sch.uk /
Kenyngton Manor Primary School http://www.kenyngtonmanor.surrey.sch.uk/
Laleham Church of England (VA) Primary School http://www.lalehamsch-surrey.ik.org
Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic Primary School http://www.st-ignatius.surrey.sch.uk/
Saint Michael Roman Catholic Primary School http://www.st-michaels.surrey.sch.uk
Saxon Primary School http://www.saxon.surrey.sch.uk
Springfield Primary School http://www.springfield.surrey.sch.uk
St Nicholas Church of England Primary School http://www.stnicholas-shepperton.surrey.sch.uk
Stanwell Fields Church of England Primary School http://www.stanwellfields.surrey.sch.uk /
Town Farm Primary School http://www.townfarmprimary.co.uk
Kingscroft Junior School http://www.kingscroft.surrey.sch.uk/
Spelthorne Junior School http://www.spelthorne.ik.org/
Bishop Wand Church of England Secondary School, The http://www.bishopwand.surrey.sch.uk/
Matthew Arnold School, The http://www.matthew-arnold.surrey.sch.uk/
St Paul’s Catholic College http://www.st-pauls.surrey.sch.uk/
Sunbury Manor School http://www.sunburymanor.surrey.sch.uk/
Thamesmead School http://www.thamesmead.surrey.sch.uk/
Thomas Knyvett College http://www.ashtc.surrey.sch.uk/
Brooklands College – Ashford Campus http://www.spelthorne.ac.uk
Fordway Centre http://www.fordway-centre.surrey.sch.uk/
Manor Mead School http://www.manor-mead.surrey.sch.uk/

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  1. Jessica McVeigh says:

    Amazing day! Loads of good ideas that I can use in the classroom. I’ve already started animating my dog on crazy talk and created a powerpoint.
    The best INSET i’ve ever been to!

  2. Sam Alley-Mohindra says:

    A much enjoyable, inspiring and reflective experience today. I hope I have the time to use many of resources to enhance the learning experience for my class and the teaching experience for me. Thank you!

  3. Wow,what a great day. (note the use of the comma). How you inspired many of the teachers there today, both young and long in the tooth (like me)!
    Continue with the good work, we need more teachers to be creative. The NC and Ofsted have stifuled the creative imagination of children.

  4. Rihana James says:

    A brilliant day all round – loads of fantastic resources and ideas. As we all know, enthusiasm perpetuates enthusiasm, and now it’s my turn to pass it on to others in school. Hope I can do your good work the justice it deserves! Thanks for the inspiration!

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