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| November 4, 2010 | 8 Comments 

The fourth of our Somerset Somersettings Days, today at   North Town Primary in Taunton.

What a total joy! Children, staff, visitors, one-and-all,… we went on a romp, through the world of words. It is always a joy to hear laughter ripple through a room. When that laughter has been generated by children, sharing a giggle at one of their “silly ideas”, it is an honour to be involved.

One of the most important elements of what we do, as teachers, is to get across aspects of “social etiquette”. Instead of shushing children into submission, (a natural tendency for all of us at some point 🙂 ), it can be really powerful, and long lasting to “explain” instead.

In other words: “Nice one, but… if somebody makes you laugh, and you just keep on laughing, in other words, you don’t know when to stop, the person who made you laugh is going to think “Uh Oh! I’m not going to do that again because last time they didn’t know when to stop“, and slowly, your life will get more boring”.

Today, the children, of all ages, responded, remarkably quickly, to that concept; laughed enthusiastically, but also knew the power of stopping, and rising to challenges in a more serious and diligent way.

Some excellent swapping, backwards and forwards, between quiet contemplation, and full on throwing themselves at the more upbeat experiences.

A huge Thank You to Mark Ruffet for coordinating today’s event so effectively and pro-actively with 12 schools – a real star!
Thank you too, to colleagues from
Archbishop Cranner Primary, Blackbrook Primary, Halcon Community Primary, Kingston St Mary C of E Primary, Lyngford Park Primary, Parkfield Primary, St George’s Catholic School, Staplegrove C of E, Thurlbear C of E, Trull C of E Primary and  West Monkton C of E Primary.

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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for a very inspiring day full of useful advice, activites and resources!

  2. Mark Ruffett says:

    An absolutley AWESOME day!

    The biggest thing that came through for me was the most inspiring part of the day was Tim, not the software he was using.

    A lesson to us all about enthusiasm and theatrics to capture children’s interest.

  3. Laura P, Kathryn S and Stuart B says:

    Thank you! It has been a really worthwhile day. We were inspired by your enthusiasm and will hopefully go back to school and inspire the children with these ideas. Thank you for the resources. These will certainly be useful when teaching our own lessons.

  4. Mark Templeton says:

    All the best courses are full of ideas and make you motivated to try things the next day! They make you want to prepare resources and try ideas evaluating the impact upon the children in your class. Your presentation today certainly did that and I look forward to trying out some ideas. Thank you

  5. Suzie Bryan-Terry says:

    Excellent day. Children were inspired and it was good to see children, who are often reticent to join in, opening up.
    Creativity is SO important.

  6. Leanne says:

    …Lots of fantastic ideas to inspire my class- thank you Tim and Sarah!

  7. Sharon says:

    It was really valuable to watch someone else teaching and engaging children in such a creative and stimulating way. A great day, providing lots of ideas, resources – and entertainment! Thank you.

  8. Cameron Mann says:

    Thank you for an awesome day!!
    Truly inspiring with a fantastic range of ideas, resources and information (plus IT help!).
    The children loved the lessons and it was great to see your style, enthusiasm and encouragement in action.

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