Uddannelsesforum 2010 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

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If you had told me, five years ago, that I would be riding a Segway, in to a 2000 cinema, in Copenhagen, to do a presentation, … I would have laughed. Thankfully our audience today laughed with me.
UNI-CUddannelsesforum (Education Forum), a major symposium which attracts more than 2,000 key people from the entire educational sector in Denmark including policy makers, teachers, ICT coordinators. Uddannelsesforum is organised by UNI-C, The Danish IT Centre for Education and Research. The event is by far the largest event of this kind in Denmark.

It was honour to be invited to present at the event at the Bella Center, in Copenhagen.

This year, The Uddannelsesforum is organised alongside The EMINENT 2010 Conference which is happening, this year, in Denmark. It is the tenth EMINENT, after successful events in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Stockholm, Geneva, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Rome and Vilnius.

A special thank you to Lisbeth Møller for coordinating our visit, and to Claus Berg for being up for a challenge.

The event has both a commercial exhibition and several seminars, with the focus  on the seminars. Each year Uddannelsesforum attracts approximately 2,000 key persons from the entire education sector such as leaders, ICT consultants, librarians, teachers, technicians, consultants, advisers and administrative staff. They all meet for two inspirational days with focus on topical problems and visions for the future of education.

The professional programme contains 40 sessions with 90 speakers. It is a combination of many different kinds of lecture including key-notes and workshops from Denmark and from abroad.

The aim of Uddannelsesforum is to be “the largest and best venue for professional mediation of and discussion about educational policy initiatives and objectives, research, debate and experiences and commercial distribution of relevant products, learning materials, ICT services, etc”.

Uddannelsesforum gives educators and their suppliers a unique opportunity to meet.

The event is a unique opportunity to meet, make new contacts and discuss common ICT initiatives that foster the development of education in Europe. This year a special emphasis is placed on bringing teachers and policy makers together.
You can read about the conference, in English HERE

Read about the Teachmeet in Denmark HERE

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  1. Tommy says:

    Thanks for an inspiring presentation, Tim – it was a fast ride with many ideas to explore further! Moving the learning paradigm from the unfortunately widespread “plane model” to a more engaging an involving journey…sort of like riding a Segway 😉

  2. Pasi says:

    Thank you Tim for the great presentation.
    I got lots of new ideas that I can use in my teaching. I’ve always thought that there must be more to be done with the ordinary applications and you you sure showed it is possible.


  3. Tim says:

    Thank you Pasi
    Glad you found it useful
    We really enjoyed, and valued, the conference.
    Hope we meet some time, maybe in Finland
    Kind regards
    Tim and Sarah

  4. Claus Berg says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah! Was so great to meet you. 1000 thanks.
    Btw, there’s a great Segway shot under the headline “Magic in the Air at Uddannelsesforum…”. Website in Danish, photo text translates into: “Tim Rylands is almost flying, both on his Segway and in his presentation”
    Warm regards
    Claus, UNI-C, Denmark

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