Sheffield Primary Deputy & Assistant Headteachers’ Conference

| November 11, 2010 | 10 Comments 

Sheffield Primary Deputy & Assistant Headteachers’ Conference is a two day event, held at  Oulton Hall, Oulton, Leeds. It is entitled ‘Leading  Learning in the 21st Century’.

Thank you, to Julian Wood (@ideas_factory on Twitter) Deputy Head at  Mansel Primary School, in Sheffield, for inviting us to take part in this event, and to Liz Hancox, for co-ordinating our visit.

One big element we covered, after it got a big push before the event, was how Twitter can form a back channel to a conference, and also become a way to extend a network, during (and after) a “meet-up” like this one. The tag for the conference was: #SheffDepConf10.

As Liz Hancox wrote: “A Twitter Hash Tag is an easy way to search for tweets (posts) that have a similar theme on Twitter. For example, if you type #BBC into the search box you will get a list of tweets related to the BBC Corporation and it’s various activities. The good thing about using a Hash Tag is you won’t get posts that randomly mention BBC for example ‘ So happy got BBC in my A-Levels – Uni here I come :)’ because BBC was not preceded by a hash”.

So, why not type #SheffDepConf10 into a Twitter search box today and see what people had to say on the subject. There were not that many Twitterers here today, but I get the feeling that is going to change. There was also a TodaysMeet set up for the event.

We had the total joy of doing an extended presentation and two workshops throughout the day.

Another workshop was run by Belle Wallace, of TASC Wheel renoun. It was delight to meet Belle, and pick some really handy travel tips, from an experienced traveller, too.

Some useful links explored today included: Tagxedo, TagGalaxy, Visuwords, Panoramas, Wordshift, Lulu, Zooburst

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  1. David Clayton says:

    Far too many good ideas. Awesome! Thank you

  2. Lisa Burdett says:

    Fantastic day so far! Very inspirational..we need a Tim in every school!! Surely there will be some virtual versions downloadable soon!

  3. Keith says:

    SO many fantastic ideas to develop children’s word dexterity (literacy sounds so crass!)

  4. Matt Revill says:

    Thanks for an inspirational talk. Have used your game based approach with Myst 3 before but listening to your ideas and enthusiasm has made me want to start all over again with Myst in the classroom and now feel much more confident in how to use it best. We def. need u to come to our federation to inspire all of our staff. Thanks.

  5. Emma Crabtree says:

    Tim and Sarah… What a fantastic opening session and follow up workshop. So many fantastic ideas and most of them free. I can’t wait to share the ideas, and your blog, with staff back in school… and my Y1 children will love some of the ideas i’ve gathered from today!

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks all for your comments. Hope you are having a good evening too.
    Thank you, too, for a fun day today.
    All the best from us for now
    Tim and Sarah

  7. Melindar Sandhu says:

    A wonderful day! Thank you for all your amazing ideas… I left feeling totally inspired, can’t wait to get cracking with staff and kids! :)

  8. I am so looking forward to this coming week – and the perfectly placed twilight tomorrow evening on ICT learning in the classroom! Will be making time to show how some of your ideas and links to useful pages can inspire learning in the 21st century.
    Thanks Tim and Sarah

  9. Helen Bredson says:

    Really useful tools, I’ll try to use them.
    By the way, I also use few online tools, for example
    thesaurus dictionary.

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