Ashley Down Primary School, Bristol

| November 15, 2010 | 6 Comments 

When you enter a school, it is never possible to capture a true feeling for a place, in an instant. But, what a delightful entrance greeted us today at Ashley Down Primary School , Bristol, a grand old building, beautifully adorned with impressive signs, artwork and playground furniture.

The school has a wide range of nationalities represented. with a very impressive Ofsted report stating that:

“This is an outstanding school”, with ” excellent provision for personal, social, health and citizenship education, coupled with the high quality of care, guidance and support that pupils receive, result in their outstanding personal development and well-being. The headteacher’s excellent leadership has developed a collective responsibility for school improvement amongst all staff.”

Our welcome went beyond the initial impression of a school in happy action. The staff and children were all up for the challenges we gave them today.

Our day started with 2 classes of Y6 pupils… and they flew.
Two characters came up and took us off to a wealth of wonders, wandering in the world of words.

Our session with the children from Year 3 was also full of laughter and superb writing, speaking listening, ideas and “challenge grabbing”.

Our afternoon was spent alongside a focus group of staff, and we covered a huge range of “other” resources and stimulus opportunities, some web based, others not.

Thank you to deputy head, Don Collins and head Laurence Pitt, their colleagues and children, for a REALLY fun day.

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  1. Louise Watton says:

    Wow! What a session (Only joking, how could we leave it at that!)

    There’s been a wealth of resources thrown at us this afternoon, some simply amazing, lots of really handy hints and tricks, but all very practical and we can’t wait to begin to use them in the classroom!

    The idea of a taggalaxy ( has inspired us to create one for the Macbeth unit we are currently covering.

    We also loved the idea of using a questioner, translator and characters to develop ideas around the use of language and a deeper understanding of the subject being studied.

    Thank you so much

  2. Laurence Pitt says:

    On behalf of the school staff and pupils I’d like to pass on my thanks to Tim and Sarah for the day. You have left us all with so much to think about, so much to smile about and so much to feel excited about as we continue to search for ways to keep our school as fresh as possible for all of us – children and adults. You made our day!

    The real challenge that you left us with (left me with) is how to take the most engaging ideas, practical activities and IT tools and harness them in a way that will have deep and lasting impact for the children who travel through our school. And there were so many of them that it will undoubtedly take some time for us to play, trial, filter, discuss, argue, decide and then start to put some sort of structure together so we achieve consistency without losing the buzz and excitement that we know is essential for learning.

    On a professional level the bit that is most present for me after the day is the idea that we need to remember the importance of pausing and taking time to look around and reflect before springing into action. Tim demonstrated the importance of doing this with pupils – I need to hold onto this principle as we adults move forward with our work on developing our approach to writing across the school. On a personal level I can now look my wife in the eye, alongside my boys looking their mum in the eye, as we say together that we are not just playing on the Wii but we’re also exploring alternate worlds to discover new skills that will serve us well as we move forward in her world.

  3. Don Collins says:

    After searching high and low for the missing piece in our writing jigsaw you have now left us with a completely new set of puzzles as well as some reminders that keeping things simple can often be the answer.
    You have posed questions for us that we will need time to answer. You have left us with a lasting imprint of how we can use the children’s enthusiasm for games and play to act as a springboard for creativity and you have emphasised that writing should first and foremost be enjoyable for all, regardless of ability.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to explore different worlds as well as looking at our own world with new perspectives.Whilst not being the most IT-literate person in the world I appreciate the power it has to engage and motivate children and I now have several new Apps for my Iphone that my own children will have fun in exploring.
    Thank you both so much for a great day and we hope as a school that we will continue to improve our writing whilst floating on our own sumptious bed of speaking and listening.

  4. alison russell wall says:

    josephs mum , just to say , what a lovely thing to see all the children looking so interested and excited , you drop them off at school and pick them up at the end of the day with a few words on how they,re day has been .but that was a real joy to see them smiling and interested . thankyou .alison

  5. klaus mcclean says:

    louis’ dad, from the comments and the photos, this was clearly a fabulous experience for all concerned – just wish I could have been there too !

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