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A fun day at Slough Grammar School, Berkshire, joined by pupils from Churchmead Church of England School and student teachers on the Graduate Training Programme and PGCE programmes from the Slough Partnership, Oxford Brookes University and Brunel University.

A huge THANK YOU to Zelda Marais for co-ordinating today’s event so efficiently.

The day starting with 60+ Year 8 students, from 2 separate school, and 20+ student teachers in the school hall, with pens, pencils and writing books, and one of the landscapes from Myst IV:Revelation; talking , exploring, sharing and ‘being there’ in spoken and written words.

Following the lesson, we had the opportunity to spend time with the student teachers, investigating many different ways to extend questioning, speaking and listening, writing, interaction, collaboration and so much more.

And, then, after school, more than 60 staff from the school joined us to explore even more ways to engage and inspire their students.

Ernest Marais, a teacher from Churchmead (VA) School, kindly recorded his thoughts about today, (and his ‘journey’ before today), here.
Why Tim?
After having been forced to attend yet another “conference” at Microsoft head office in Reading I was not complaining as this means not getting up early and not facing my year 10 lower set that day. Also as a cyclist it gave me the opportunity for a rather relaxed 20 odd miles commute there. Having never heard of Tim Rylands I had no expectations and not a lot of hope but still better than lower 10’s right? Now I don’t want to give away what Tim did but I can tell you this, untill today I can still not remember cycling back that 20 miles home. My mind and imagination was all over the place (not the best advice as a cycling commuter). He opened up a world to teaching that I always thought only exist in dreams.
It took me the best part of a month to just trawl through all the websites that he gave links to but that was not the best I took away from the day. The best have to be all the different opportunities for doing cross-curricular links. Being Head of ICT I was in the perfect position to make links with other subjects and just a few days ago I saw a science class blowing things up on the field so I was running outside with the video camera only to be sent back because they were already recording the class and assured me that after downloading and editing the video I can have a copy to use in ICT. At that moment I knew that Tim changed the way we now look at ICT in all subjects and I will always be thankful to him for that. We are also rolling out the dreaded Functional skills across Key Stage 3 and due to the work that we are already doing in ICT thanks to Tim, the transition has been as smooth as you can possibly imagine.
Ernest Marais
Churchmead (VA) School

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  1. Dear Tim and Sarah, Brilliant day- you even got me writing this morning. Have come away full of ideas.Guess I will be let down by the IT in school! but this stuff is just begining. Hope you have a good trip up to Durham tonight Sat Nav is good but you still can’t beat a map and kowing where you are.

    Thanks David

  2. Jo Gibbs says:

    Great training today Tim, can’t wait to try out some of your ideas.Especially loved Crazytalk, and who could forget Stan! Thanks to all involved.

  3. Jo Gibbs says:

    Thanks for today Tim and Sarah. Can’t wait to try out some of your suggestions. Especially loved Crazytalk and who could forget the gorgeously cute Stan! Thanks to all involved.

  4. Jo Gibbs says:

    So good I said it twice! 🙂

  5. Lizzie Madden says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah for so many great ideas! In fact so many ideas I don’t know where to start. Thank you for reminding us all that we need to think ‘outside the box’and that we musn’t get left behind by our students when it comes to ICT. I teach Classics and can’t wait to use Crazytalk to turn ancient greek statues into living beings!

  6. great day. Enjoyed what I saw of theb yr 8 activity and now want to start playing with ICT and English. Particularly liked the LO and Behold idea..

  7. William Hough says:

    Thank you so much for today Tim and Sarah. It was brilliant. I have already started using some of your things ready for my lesson tomorrow e.g. I have set up a wall for my year 7 science class and have used the ‘text box’ function in power point to make out I have not finished my power point and kids have to do it for me.
    Thank again,
    Crazy idea man.

  8. Doug Woods says:

    Hey, Tim, you didn’t tell me you were going to my old school (SGS). I hope they treated you well.

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