Cranfold Confederation, Surrey: Day One

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The first of two days with the staff and pupils from The Cranfold Confederation of Schools.

Today we were fortunate enough to work with children from Cranleigh C of E Primary, Tillingbourne JuniorPark Mead Primary, Glebelands SecondaryGosden House and St Josephs School, in a day of lessons at Cranleigh C of E Primary.

Also joining us were teachers from  Bramley C of E InfantEwhurst C of E InfantSt Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary, St Polycarps Primary and Wonersh & Shamley Green C of E Infant.

The day started with 60 Year 1/2 Cranleigh pupils and 20+ teachers in the drama hall. What a crackin’ bunch. We wandered wildly in the world of words, argued (in a very balanced and constructive way, I have to say) wrote, drew… and flew!

Next, 45 Y4 pupils from Tillingbourne Junior and Park Mead Primary. Again, these children were up for the challenges we provided and didn’t shy away from acting, scribbling, wittering, scribing, flying, talking, listening, drawing, laughing, and more.

The afternoon, Year 6 and 7 pupils from Cranleigh Primary, Glebelands Secondary, Gosden House and St Josephs School. What a right royal ragged rampage of ruffians! A perfect plethora of piratical pioneers.

A big THANK YOU to Di Elliot, Cranfold Confederation Director, for coordinating today’s event involving so many, from so many, different schools – Well Done! Di kindly wrote the following, to give some background to the confederation:

The Cranfold Confederation is one of 23 across Surrey and is located in South West Surrey, bordering West Sussex and has been established for three years.  The Confederation is made up of 10 schools working in partnership for three key priorities and includes secondary, primary, junior, infant and special schools.   Our most recent school joined the confederation in October 2010.

Our key priority is to deliver extended services as a group of schools, secondly, to share expertise, resources and facilities, with innovative training opportunities for staff, and thirdly to ensure smooth transition between key stages, such as infant to junior and junior to secondary.  Our overriding principle for all the priorities is to support our most vulnerable children and families in our community to narrow the gap in attainment and well-being.  Key successes have been establishing greater partnerships across the schools; enabling access for vulnerable families to a home school link workers in schools where this was not previously available; providing greater opportunities and funding for disadvantaged pupils through participation in after school activities; greater inclusion amongst pupils from across the schools through joint activities and workshops; parenting programmes across all ages; provision of small grants for schools to run extended services projects; Confederation minibus available to all schools and used by local community and voluntary groups.  In addition, a number of key networks for staff have been established across the schools to enable greater partnership working, sharing of resources and expertise and there have been a range of training opportunities across all areas including:

  • 2 ELKLAN Speech and Language 10-week courses for TAs
  • Makaton Communication system
  • Caretaker three year programme
  • Annual Safer Recruitment training for senior staff and governors
  • ‘Leading from the Middle’ cohorts with Waverley Federation
  • ‘Making the Most of Lunchtime’ training for lunchtime supervisors
  • Joint inset days across the schools every 2 years with keynote speakers
  • TA Development sessions – Behaviour Management, Supporting Maths, Asking Questions, Learning and Language
  • E-Safety
  • Governor training
  • Bursar training

Currently we are working on the following projects and events across the schools:

  • Go For It project continues to grow as we make contact with more targeted families
  • ‘ICT to Inspire’ 2-day workshop for staff
  • Planning for our own February half term holiday club – a range of Forensic Science, Street Dance, Drama, Bollywood and the Story Factory
  • Strengthening Families Programme – 2nd course
  • Incorporate St Josephs School into the current programme of projects and events
  • Further promotion, signposting and publicity of activities

Due to the changes in government and strategy, the future of Confederations in Surrey is currently unknown beyond March.  However to continue the partnership working established we will continue to strengthen links with local partners through community working, investigate other areas of funding and look at establishing a local training resource as a way of raising revenue and continuing to provide bespoke and joint CPD.

Overall our aim is to keep doing what we are doing to make a difference to our local families

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  1. Jane Byford says:

    The workshop yesterday was a fantastic affirmation of what we aim to do with our children. The rapport you built up with all of the children taking part meant it was a really meaningful experience for us all. Thankyou so much and my staff are fired up for day 2

  2. blog says:

    Thank you Jane
    It is very obvious, after meeting your lovely staff, and children, that YES- yours is a school filled with laughter and the desire to take off and fly.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you all
    All the best
    Tim and Sarah

  3. Jane St Aubyn says:

    What a day for us ! We were very worried that our childen would not access your workshop as most of them have severe difficulties with literacy – but ….. wow ! We took FULL part in everything – this really was PROPER inclusion. Our children LOVED it, they have not stopped speaking about it. Your Pirate Captain has profound speech and language problems, not to mention all round learning difficulties, but you helped him to shine – he said “My knees were shaking, but I loved it when people laughed, I was funny and they thought I was good.” There have been very few occasions in his life when children of his own age have show their admiration for his abilities so publicly. For the staff the session was wonderfully inspiring and a welcome affirmation of what we try to do at Gosden House. Thank you so much – Jane, Divi and Patrick

  4. blog says:

    We are lucky to receive some powerful, and very warm, feedback from our training days and lessons. But, this, and the other comments on our day with you, have proven very valuable, and quite emotional to read. It is touching to hear the impact was so positive and effective, in such a short space of time. Now PLEASE keep in touch and let us know how you continue, and sustain, any of the things we looked at.
    Thank you so much all for your kind words and feedback.
    Our regards
    Tim and Sarah

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