North Yorkshire CYPS Conference & Exhibition “eLearn, We Learn”

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North Yorkshire CYPS Conference & Exhibition “eLearn, We Learn” at Pavilions of Harrogate.

The conference is for North Yorks teachers and celebrates all things e-learning including their learning platform which was rolled out last year. The conference is for Primary, Secondary & Special School staff (SLT, teachers, TAs) and LA Advisers & Consultants.

We provided a keynote which was followed by a varied programme of workshops and seminars. The links for the our sessions can be found here.

The aim of the conference is to:

– inspire delegates with innovative ways of using ICT to support learning and teaching;

– challenge and support staff in the creative use of ICT to motivate and engage learners;

– provide a varied programme of workshops and seminars to support the development of ICT throughout the school;

– enable delegates to gain up-to-date information on issues relating to ICT in schools;

– provide the opportunity to network and share good practice with other colleagues.

Thanks goes to Jon Farley Primary Consultant e-Learning Quality and Improvement Service, North Yorkshire County Council, for inviting us and coordinating our visit today, and for writing this piece for the blog:

I’ve been looking forward to giving North Yorkshire teachers the chance to hear Tim’s unique brand of inspirational learning and at last after months of preparation he’s here. It’s great to see teachers and children listening, laughing and learning. He is, as ever, brilliant and I’m looking forward to working with colleagues across the county to follow up his ideas and help children fly.

Flying through imaginary worlds such as Myst and taking flight with their writing. He shows us an amazing range of tools but more important than that is the ideas he has for using them to inspire children.

Having seen Tim speak before I’ve used some of the tools he mentions but seeing him again I see new things and also others I haven’t played with yet. Play being the operative word. Tim argues that education has  too long used the airplane model, sit down, eyes front and belt up!  Teachers and children need to play with learning and learn playfully – that for me is the most powerful message Tim brings.

It’s been wonderful to get our talented teachers together to share their ideas and we’ve also got children from several schools showing what they’ve been doing with e-learning in their schools and in collaboration with others. We have children from Le Cateau  making animations and showing ones they and other schools have made. We have Jess from South Otterington and Debra from Hunsgate talking about our award winning  Freddy Fronter  project, travelling Teddy Bears bring schools together on our learning platform. We also have the enthusiastic pupils and staff from Kirby Hill who recently  got the ICT mark, having met them I know they will take Tim’s ideas to heart. I also need to mention our Roving Reporters from Greystone Primary, Shelagh from Mowbray Special School with her wonderful collection of ICT toys and Mandy from Leyburn who is doing amazing things with GPS. There are many others to mention including our wonderful team of e-associates who help us spread the word across our very large county.

The government’s white paper on education got a mention this morning and despite little mention of ICT in it Tim showed us how vital it is we use  the wide range of  tools he showed us to bring richness to learning. That is the way that children will learn and learn a love of learning.

Many thanks Tim and Sarah for an inspirational day – I look forward to sharing with you the harvest from the seeds you sowed today.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Lots of good ideas today, thank you. I am going to investigate Primary Pad for collaborative writing. P.S. Hope I’m be the first to comment!

  2. ian price says:


  3. David Eldridge says:

    I have had a serious wake up call today. Ideas are moving on and it is time I took the plunge. If someone had said there was real value in revisiting PowerPoint, I’d have laughed. I am going back to the toy box and hopefully, will create new games!
    There were enough ideas shared today, to keep me thinking for a very long time.
    Thank you Tim and Sarah.

  4. George Tyson says:

    Wow! Thank you to Tim and Sarah for an invigorating start to our ‘e-learn we learn’ conference!

    Tim’s relaxed style flows from a fantastic and well planned powerpoint…yes, powerpoint show. Looking around the room and seeing teachers wide-eyed at what this workhorse of the modern classroom can actually do beyond ‘black type on a white background’ is truly an inspiration and epitomises the feel of the conference.

    My favourite overheard quote so far: “Now I have to get rid of my whiteboard and go back to powerpoint!” – Not quite… however the conversation carried on and thanks to Tim new learning conversations are taking place everywhere I turn.

    Thank you both, George

  5. blog says:

    Thank you for our valuable feedback e are loving our #welearn visit

  6. les says:


    Excellent content and delivered in an inspirational way.

    I was Louis Pastuer for year 6 science (crazy talk)

    Top software

  7. Sue says:

    A great day lots of ideas to take back to school. Can’t wait to try the power point ideas thank you

  8. Melanie Riley says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day – I have been seriously inspired and am determined to get my reluctant boys writing amazing stories using some of the brilliant tips, techniques and websites suggested. And I can’t believe what you can do with Powerpoint!!!

  9. Katy McNichol says:

    Thank you so much for a great day! Well impressed: enthusiastic, lively, brilliant- what it says on the box- Inspirational!!!

    Thanks again!

    The 3rd pickpocket’s wife!!

    AKA Katy McNichol

  10. Dale Coan says:

    A fantastic inspiring presentation. I had the skills already but now I have the ideas to use them with.

  11. Sheryl says:

    Thankyou for today. I am looking forward to planning our safari adventures now after investing in wild earth safari last week. A real inspiration and loads to keep me and the class going for a long time. Cant wait to get back on Monday and tell them what they have to look forward too!

  12. Mandy Robinson says:

    I am now sat with my free sweets from the conference, coffee in the mug I was given from enquiring about projector lamps and best of all and something that was also free I am playing on the wonderful stuff Tim and Sarah shared with us today. Powerpoint is now cool and I’m guessing the children tomorrow in my ICT lesson may also think Mrs Robinson is pretty cool too when I let them play too!

  13. Sarah Peel says:

    Loved the day. Spent tonight exporing some of the web sites mentioned and my 8 year old he loved tag galaxy.
    Haen’t even thought about the Power Point tips, i’m inspired.Thank You!

  14. Gregory Anderson says:

    Superb stuff, especially liked the modelling of using Epic Citadel. Will be using in the classroom.


  15. Ellen Harrison says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for a truely fantastic day. I never imagined that Powerpoint could be so amazing and the wonderful websites you gave us, have given me loads to think about. I can’t wait to share them with the rest of the staff and pupils back at school.
    The children that were with me were also inspiried by your presentation. So thank you once again.

  16. Graham Parry says:

    Excellent day yesterday – never knew PowerPoint could do so much! Thanks again for the interview with our roving reporters, will send you a copy when it’s been edited…

  17. Nick (@largerama) says:

    What a genius Mr Rylands really is and with the engine room kept running by the unflappable Sarah, this is an unstoppable team. Although I saw a very similar delivery a few months ago from Tim, this was still as powerful as the previous. There’s so much it is worth a repeat and the new elements, new angles, new twists are prompts for every educator to up their game. In fact it has inspired a new blog post – – Put the right folk in the right places. Read it if you love Rylands…

  18. blog says:

    Nick – you kind fellow. I will confess that the only qualifications I have to be a politician, is that I frequently need to visit a “house of commons”. ;-D
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    You get my vote budd

  19. Inspirational key note speech and workshop – so many ideas to try. Have already dusted down the unused home games console to get creative with writing.

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