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Today we had the absolute pleasure of being at Ashbrow Junior School, joined by children from Ashbrow Infant and Nursey School in Kirklees, Huddersfield, their teachers and teachers from other schools in the area*

The day starting with demonstration lessons with children from both schools, then an afternoon working with groups of teachers, and finishing the day with a twilight workshop.

A few of the people involved in today’s visit are familiar with the kinds of things we usually do at conferences but had not seen the “theories” in “action”.

Dughall McCormick, E-Learning Consultant, of Kirklees LA kindly recorded his thoughts on the day for us:

Ashbrow has a separate Junior and Infant school. The schools have current development foci around ICT and the development of literacy/writing. In light of this, who better to lead some powerful, inspirational CPD than Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild?

This was not conventional CPD, though. Neither was it limited to the staff of the Ashbrow schools. Staff from surrounding schools attended all the sessions.

The morning was spent with Tim leading the children’s learning; firstly with KS1, secondly with mixed Y5 & Y6 pupils, joined in both sessions by attending teachers, observing, scribing, talking, sharing, encourgaing and generally ‘mucking in’.

I have had the pleasure of seeing both Tim and Sarah present and provide workshops at conferences in the past but this was the first time I had seen Tim work with children.

I have to confess to a certain amount of nervousness at the start of the day having organised the whole caboodle. Despite being confident in Tim providing a fantastic session, I was not sure quite what to expect.

I was not disappointed. 90 excited children filed into the school hall. 30 or so adults were dotted in amongst them.All eyes turned to Tim as he instantly captured his audience in his inimitable, beguiling, magical way.

What became immediately clear is that Tim is a man accustomed to inspiring learners of any age. In the space of 80 minutes, adults were treated to a plethora of class management techniques and ideas they could take straight back to their classrooms in a thoroughly engaging lesson.

The children were treated to an amazing learning journey in which they were kept on the edge of their seats, encouraged, coaxed and involved at every stage. It was a whistle-stop ride through speaking and listening, role-play, writing, laughter and learning in its broadest sense. The session with as many Y5 & Y6 children differed in pitch and content but not in inspiration.

I hadn’t been sure quite what to expect, but what I and others got was a fascinating glimpse into how learning should *always* be: engaging, fun, motivating, meaningful and full of suspense.

I loved the way the ICT was effectively invisible. I marvelled the sheer quantity of learning that can be squeezed out of what, at first impressions, appears to be a fairly barren scene from a computer game. I was reminded of the importance of standing still, just looking and listening and not haring about wildly. I now know why so many schools and children rave about Tim and Sarah.

I cannot thank them enough. (Thank YOU Dughall)

Thank you too, to all the colleagues from Reinwood Infants School, Meltham CE (VC) Primary School, Savile Town CE (VC) I and N School, Scapegoat Hill J and I School, Greenside I and N School, Crow Lane J and I School, Kirkheaton Primary, Dryclough Infants, Park Road, N, I and J School, Honley I and N, Farnley Tyas First School, Warwick Road J, I and N, Chickenley Community J, I and N, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, St Thomas Primary, Boothroyd J and I, Rawthorpe St James Infants, Holmfirth J, I and N School, Whitechapel Middle School and N and Fieldhead J and I School.

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  1. Katy Griffiths says:

    A truely inspiring day- lots of food for thought!! Really hve the the energy and excitment again!! Thank you

  2. David Mitchell says:

    Three people I have come to respect, admire and aspire to be more like: Dughall, Tim and Sarah! What a combination to involve in a school. I’m sure those little lives you visited today were stamped with magic! I just know that after seeing Tim and Sarah present their ever engaging ideas, I would learn so much from watching them do what they love best – infect children with enthusiasm for learning!

    It sounds like it was an awesome experience for both pupils and teachers!

  3. blog says:

    David Sir! That is such kind and valuable feedback. Thank you indeed you kind man. You are one that many are growing to admire and value too, you know. You are a dynamo and dynamic chap who gives much to many. Again, thank you budd

  4. Charlotte Taylor says:

    Thankyou for an awe inspiring day! My class of Y 1 and 2 children were really enthusiastic about the visit and they couldnt wait to carry on with their work when we got back to school. It opened their imaginations and mine too!
    Many thanks!

  5. Dora Plant says:

    Thank you Tim, Sarah and Dughall for organising such a thought provoking event at Ashbrow. Being privileged enough to be able to engage in most parts of the day and observe the impact the ‘technology’ had on children’s motivation left me with an increased determination to continue to ‘think outside the box’. I like to think of our school as a magical place where the sparks of creativity are fuelled for children and staff. Your special day showed me different ways to keep the sparks flying. Thank you for sharing and encouraging!

  6. Russell Ingleby says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for an inspirational hour on Friday evening – well worth the drive on a dark and chilly November evening. The session provided much food for thought and plenty of ideas to use in the classroom. I really like the lo and behold idea and am looking forward to using that in the coming weeks.

  7. Apologies for lateness in comment ;0)

    Thank you for providing us with new ways to present learning and for provoking us into thinking about our own practice.
    Great mixture throughout the day of smalll group, paired and individual work for both staff and children alike.
    Also thank you for the all the non-techy tips and techniques too that staff could take back to own settings. Finally, thank you for increasing my passion and desire for wanting to know more about how we can use technology to inspire our children!

  8. Look forward to more……
    Tim, Sarah and Dughall what a team!

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