Simpsons Lane and Throstle Farm Junior and Infant School and Nursery: Day 1

| November 29, 2010 | 6 Comments 

Today, after trudging our way though the snow, we had the pleasure of working alongside colleagues from Simpsons Lane and Throstle Farm Junior and Infant School and Nursery. A welcoming and smiley crew, who really warmed up our day.

Thank you to Gillian Wiles, head teacher, for organisisng our visit, and to her colleagues, for being up for the challenges today.

Sadly, our second day has had to be delayed because of the snow. Watch this space for more details of our return trip, in March instead.
Thanks all for your laughter, even through the elements. 🙂

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  1. Kirstie says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah! Today was really fantastic and everyone was able to take something away from the day! Unlike the weather our moods were not chilly (haha!) and I am looking forward to seeing you in school in the morning! 🙂

  2. Sam Underwood says:

    Thank you to you and Sarah for a really inspiring day. So much to get through and LOTS of food for thought. The material will most definately make a reassuring impact on the teaching of writing in the school. The Head and I have already been thinking of delivery and impact through the progression of Big Writing and how we can improve standards and levels. Your input will help to deliver to staff a wealth of really exceptional and fun resources that will WOW the kids.
    Hope to see you again in the future.
    Kind regards, Sam

  3. Natalie Godfrey says:

    A very interesting, informative and fun day!
    Thank you

  4. Heather Varley says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for the most interesting Inset Day training I have attended for a long time. Can’t wait to hear the feedback after your day in school tomorrow with the children they are in for a real treat. Wow! Wow! Wow!

  5. Laura Fairfield says:

    My brain still hurts from all the exciting thing we saw. I spent a good two hours last night trying to animate my dog through crazy talk and have already installed a host of other useful things!

    A fantastic day – gutted that we won’t see you in action today… perhaps another time though?

    Thank you

  6. Sarah Annable says:

    I am actually gutted that I’m non-teaching this year – can’t wait to give all those fantastic ideas a go! Feeling very inspired!
    Thank you Tim & Sarah for a wonderful day.

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