Tim Rylands at Broadgate Primary School with Leeds Trinity

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Thoughts on the day by Graham Jarvis, Lecturer at Leeds Trinity Universtiy College 

From the moment the children entered the hall they were involved and engaged and the rapport between yourself and them was obvious.

Working with Years 1 and 2

In many ways, on reflection, I had asked you to perform three difficult things:

  • Teach the children
  • Involve and engage the staff and other adults
  • Help students be involved and see teaching and support them in understanding how children could be involved, motivated and learn

The uses of the image was fascinating to me-that so much could be drawn from it and challenge the children to think of different words-to avoid ‘uhm’!! and really get them talking and thinking creatively.

There were so many different elements to the session so although the children sat on the mats for a while and then moved to tables for writing and back again it was obvious the children enjoyed it, there was no lack of involvement, and the faces of the children said so much. It is a long time since I have watched children where their faces said so much about how much they were enjoying learning, and doing and responding. I keep going back to photos on the Blog and looking at those faces-they speak volumes.

The students could not but help notice all the different strategies used:

  • Getting the children to go beyond their first answer
  • Talking about ‘hands up’ and their responses
  • Firm but relaxed management techniques
  • Praise and feedback
  • Developing speaking and listening
  • Moving into writing
  • Drama
  • The challenge in what you asked of them-drawing out extended speech
  • Fun and enjoyment.

It was completely fascinating how you drew out the learning for the students and adults whilst still working with the children.

It is so disappointing that because of the weather we were not able to follow up with the students at the College and then to work with other students, teachers and all of Broadgate staff-it is a pity that the weather changed the momentum of the day.

The disruption of the weather also meant that the staff were not really able to follow up back in the classroom although I know from one teacher (my wife!!) that her class were ‘buzzing’ back in the classroom but this has not been able to be followed up. The weather also meant the writing got truncated. One teacher said she had seen things from her children in both talk and writing that she had not seen before.

What this first session said was how children can be engaged, challenged, be creative and imaginative if they are given the resources, opportunities and encouragement to go beyond what is normally expected.

Working with Years 5 and 6

I am never sure if older children are harder to work with than younger ones-perhaps just different but this session blew me away!!

I sent the Blog link to Tim Tarrant and Claire Moore at the TDA as I have worked closely with them over many years developing ICT in ITE, and the TDA are part funding this day. Here is the response from Claire Moore who was a teacher in Sheffield:

Graham this looks great!  The first thing I have seen in a very long time that has made me miss teaching! Looks like a fantastic day and great to see everyone enjoying it so much

Thanks for taking the time to share it

And from Tim Tarrant (Head of the Technology in Teaching and Learning Team at the TDA)

Many thanks for this and for taking the trouble to record it and for the mention of the TDA in Tim Ryland’s blog.  It clearly was a great day.  This feedback is important for us because, apart from BBC News School Report, we have not had much in the way of recorded information about our support since the Wolverhampton videos.

We will make sure a few more see it. 

As my wife teaches at the school I know they are very aware of standards, SATs results and external pressures and perceptions but I know the teachers and adults of the classes concerned were and are highly motivated by the session. The techniques and strategies used as well as the outcomes in terms of the writing, the role play, the questions and answers and the whole challenge presented.


This, as with the first session, had elements of fun and humour but serious learning going on.

Because of the weather there were no students but the session had everything:

  • Challenge
  • Clear explanations
  • What was expected
  • Strong, firm, fair and humorous management strategies
  • Praise and feedback
  • Innovative techniques to encourage children to read their work out (and some children did this for probably the ‘first time’ at the school!!!) 
  • The quality of the work was, I found, amazing, certainly above much of what I see in schools on visits
  • Learning was fun but focused.
  • The role play was a real highlight for me-the way children got into role and the children asked questions and the two children answered them in role-that for me was the ‘wow factor’.

Like Claire said I wanted to get back into the classroom-but it has also given me so much to think of when working with students-perhaps I won’t retire after all!!!!

As before I would not have believed it possible to get so much out of a key graphic.

I am so frustrated the day was cut short but I will certainly use and develop this with my students until you return!!!!!

Thank you so very much.


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